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Cu[be] new single, dist CD, oneman, tour, costumes

Finally, some Cu[be] news—and it's sort of a deluge! First thing first, they have new costumes! Check them out here and here.

Second, the band is releasing a new maxi-single! It's called Twilight ST★R and will be released on 2011-09-07. No official web shop privilege announced yet.

To celebrate the release, the band will co-sponsor an event called Ripper Night with Jackman. After that, Cu[be] will hold their first oneman! The oneman will be held over two days, and those who attend both days (bring your ticket stub!) will receive a free memorial CD with a new song.

Cu[be]&Jackman CD release celebration co-sponsored event Ripper Night

2011-09-09 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) RUIDO-K3
Cu[be], Jackman, Davinci, dolore, SeVIIenS, Galtz, 一兎 (It), JILLED RAY

2011-09-23 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice
Cu[be], Jackman, BIOSPHIA, UNRAVE, 愛飴羅 (Aira), 黒翼 (KOKUYOKU), Xenon, Riddick, REVINE

Cu[be] first oneman 2DAYS box in the Schrodinger
2011-10-22 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) Livehouse@-hill
2011-10-23 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) Livehouse@-hill
Cu[be] (oneman)
memorial CD distributed to those who attend both days

Cu[be] -
Twilight ST★R
2011-09-07; 1,575 yen; maxi-single CD; complete limited pressing
01. (Unannounced new song)
02. (Unannounced new song)
03. (Unannounced new song)

2011-10-23; 0 yen; double-date-attendance-limited memorial CD
freely distributed to those who attend both October oneman dates
01. ロジカルシューター (LOGICAL SHOOTER)


Their new costumes look good huh? It seems that a bit more money was spent on them this time, which is good. Well anyway, I'm excited about their new single, but I doubt very many will get that live distributed CD—I fear we'll never hear it ;(


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kumagoro666 / June 06, 2011 Reply
personally i don't like the new costumes, and don't wanna sound rude but they look too rodinary for me. I've seen costumes like these hundred times before :c
About music i hope it doesn't change, i really like how they work :D