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Cu[be] cover and samples

The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with a sample from Cu[be]'s upcoming maxi-single, Twilight ST★R. The medley can be heard below:

Additionally, Cu[be]'s personal OHP has been updated with the cover art for the single, and has confirmed the tracklisting that I tentatively posted earlier this month (Twilight ST★R / Colorless Device / the last wedding.). Here's the cover (click to enlarge):


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the single doesn't sound very pop-ish like I thought it would. And I absolutely love the cover! But what about you, what do you think? Has this convinced you to buy the single (or at least a digital version)?


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Arithmetica / August 08, 2011 Reply
I will probably buy it from Amazon, to show my UCP love but I don't like the previews. :-\
kumagoro666 / August 08, 2011 Reply
i don't blame you, with that name ( i mean ST★R) and outfit is not hard to think in POP sound! lol ... anyway samples sound pretty cool but i LOVE the cover, seirously i don't like so much UCP covers but this one is awesome :D
anonymous / August 08, 2011 Reply
I need to start paying more attention to this band. I think this single will get me into them more than the previous one.

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