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Community Feedback

I'm planning a few changes at the community, so please take a second to give me some feedback!

* Working example of option 3: 平成維新

I understand that most posts like this aren't answered to, so I 100% appreciate any feedback at all. Thanks!


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anonymous / July 07, 2010 Reply
Personally I really appreciate how quick you are with news and info - I actually prefer checking here before I check any UCP links - so thanks for doing a great job x

By psycleslut
inartistic / July 07, 2010 Reply
Wow, thank you! That's wonderful to hear. Made my day :D
nhuie / July 07, 2010 Reply
I also depend on you for news! One tiny complaint...the layout is so pretty and comforting but the font colour is hard on my weak eyes =____=
inartistic / July 07, 2010 Reply
Yeah, I agree x_x I designed it on a different monitor years ago, so I didn't realize how bad it was the the time. So for a while now I've just been looking at the non-layout view.

However, I will be taking care of that very soon, wink wink~
anonymous / July 07, 2010 Reply
You are always so quick posting news and I absolutely love the layout, so no complains :) I like the community the way it is now.
And I don't think more uploads would be better...

By necrae_x
inartistic / July 07, 2010 Reply
Thank you very much!

If I do post more uploads, it will be in terms of distributed releases or stuff that's somehow special like that. I don't really want it to become a place where new releases are posted all the time.
anonymous / July 07, 2010 Reply
Yeah I am also very grateful to you and how quickly you always post news for us, thank you sososo much >w<

By diedies_kamiuta
Arithmetica / July 07, 2010 Reply
I usually rely on the UCP community for Undercode news xDD You do a good job. If I understand the community chat parties, is that like during the first Phantasmagoria Twitter event where there was UCP. :D
anonymous / July 07, 2010 Reply
You do an awesome job! The only thing is the yellow layout, it takes me awhile to find the reply link.

Other than that you are doing a wonderful job ^^
Thank you for always keeping me updated with my most favorite label in the whole galaxy x) <3333

By bunnyshoxx
anonymous / July 07, 2010 Reply
Seriously, thanks for everything.
The main reason I'm active on LJ is this comm, and if it moved somewhere else, I think I wouldn't be using LJ THAT often.

I'd really appreciate more chat parties, 'cause it's fun and we'll be able to get to know each other more and more, bit by bit :3

By hush_narumi