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Christmas single from Megaromania

Megaromania has debuted their new photoshoot (a re-styling of their most recent look), and they've announced a special X'mas single to go along with it! The single will be released in two types: the mail-order-limited A type, and the normal-sale common B type. Type A will include a live DVD, while type B will include a bonus track. Additionally, the first press (which I assume includes both types) will include alternate picture jackets (one for each member).

Megaromania -
BLESSING MYTH 通信販売限定盤 TYPE:A (Tsuushinhanbai Genteiban TYPE:A)
2011-12-21; 5,250 yen; maxi-single CD + live DVD; UCCD-308A
mail-order limited
includes alternate member jacket (of 5 total)
DVD 01. live footage from 2011-09-29 oneman tour final

BLESSING MYTH 一般流通通常盤 TYPE:B (Ippan Ryuutsuu Tsuujouban TYPE:B)
2011-12-21; 1,260 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-308B
includes alternate member jacket (of 5 total)
02. Black Temptation

The official web shop privilege, along with an early ship date of 2011-12-15, is a signed cheki from the member of your choice, plus a Christmas message DVD which features the member of your choice, in a Santa costume, giving a one-of-a-kind message just for you. (This offer only applies to preorders before November 30th—after that, the privilege is a random signed cheki only.)

And by the way, here's their new look: official profile.


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anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
I wonder if you'll be doing a group order before November 30th, or if you'd accept those items to be ordered with the Satsuki one :/

By necrae_x
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
I mean, KISAKI project |D

By necrae_x
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
thats pretty bitchin!

By coffee_nosesock
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
That is stupidly expensive... (@_@)
But, damn, I sure would like to see Hyoga in a Santa costume... hmmm...

By rei_mitsukai
anonymous / September 09, 2011 Reply
Can you get the special Santa stuff if you order just the B-type from the webshop?

By uglyvkfanxxx69
inartistic / September 09, 2011 Reply
No, it's a double purchase privilege. Which is ridiculous, I know :(
Nozomi_luv / September 09, 2011 Reply
As much as I love Megaromania...I think with 5250yen I would rather get Nega's pereunion live dvd.

The price of Blessing myth Type A and Deluge type A... It's crazy!
Surely the prices are high for the effort the bands put into their music but still, it's just a single :<<br />
Hyura / September 09, 2011 Reply
It's a bit sad to see how much they need to sell themselves out lately in order to earn something for their music. D :
I really hope undercode can either gain more fans again or get cheaper costumes and pvs, because all this will eventually hurt them. (And hurts the fans already) of course it's the way visual works but that label starts to become a hostclub... And it really shouldn't need to because most of its bands are actually good.