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Check Out that Moon

Covers for both types of Megaromania's full album, Prophetic Faction -the Universe-, are up at the UNDER CODE OHP.

A Type
B Type


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anonymous / October 10, 2009 Reply
In my opinion, Megaromania's has the most beautiful covers and CD / song titles from UCP.
There's always that little something~

Anyway, the main point of this comment is...
I really like those covers (^-^)

By rain_on_light
inartistic / October 10, 2009 Reply
Yeah, I agree, they usually have great covers.

I just wish these had some woman like most of their covers do! I always think that's really neat.
anonymous / October 10, 2009 Reply
Aww, Type B looks so awesome. And this I am so going to get...thanks!

By x_lichti_x
anonymous / October 10, 2009 Reply
very nice~

By reita_camui
anonymous / October 10, 2009 Reply
Looks like an old NES game cover.

By indra_yan