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Any rumours about EU tour?

Hello, I'd like to ask if you know anything about LIN's European tour..... the last one got cancelled and I read that they should come in summer... and summer is slowly coming but no tourdates yet. So, does anybody know anything? I just want to know if I should start saving money (poor student is poor) or forget about it.

Thank you :)


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anonymous / May 05, 2012 Reply
Hmm, I know what you mean. I've not heard anything yet, and if any others had known by now I'm sure it would have been mentioned here by now.

I know they had recently been shooting for a new PV and they have at least 2 new songs in the works, so I'd expect a new Maxi Single coming for the end of the Summer at earliest so I can't see a EU tour coming before then (if at all) ~~ I guess it all depends on how well Megaromania did on their EU tour, if they did well and it was somewhat successful then I'm sure Kisaki will come with Lin, but we'll just have to wait and see I think :)

I think if nothing is mentioned within June, it's safe to say there will be no tour until the end of the year maybe, but don't take my word for it :)

By takatorireiji
xMayaku / May 05, 2012 Reply
The tour was not cancelled, it was just postponed ! The only thing I know is that it won't happen in summer in the end ! :)
The tour organizer is Astan, like for NEGA and Megaromania, and they are also planning to bring NEGA back to Europe in september, so... Lin will probably come after september ;)
anonymous / May 05, 2012 Reply
As far as I remember, Astan wrote, that he will give more details about NEGA and Lin, when the following tour with A(ace) is over, because he first concentrate on this tour.
But it seems, that both bands will be in Europe this year.
If you have facebook, you can add him and you will hear as soon as he says something about it :)

By micawber_nyan
anonymous / May 05, 2012 Reply
Yes. Steff got some health probelms and maybe he will go to the hospitall, maybe that's why he want spare all the time on Ace, and later UCP bands.

By ext_948182