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Archive: 2017-04-30

Misery (ex-Megaromania ~ Lin) will return to the stage!

Misery (ex-Megaromania ~ Lin) will return to the stage!

As LIN parted ways back in March 2016, so did the two partners in crime - Sui, as you know, moved on to solo endeavors, while Misery...sorta disappeared. It was hard to see one without the other since the duo have performed together since Metis Gretel back in 2005. Now, it's been announced that the guitarist will finally return to the stage in August!

Specifically, Misery will return in a session band, "妖怪*セッション" (Yokai Session), who will perform at the annual summer festival, 妖怪夏祭2 (yokai natsu-sai 2) on August 30 at Shibuya REX.


  • Vo.雀夜 (suzuya) (ex.トランスノート (Trance Note))
  • Gt.美沙麗~みざり~ (misery) (ex-Megaromania, LIN)
  • Gt.パル (paru) (Smileberry)
  • Ba.塗壁ぬっぺ濡平 (nuppe) (ex.サウイフモノ (souiumono)
  • Dr.ゆきみ (yukimi) (ex.ユナイト (unite))

Quite an interesting lineup if you ask me...I wouldn't be surprised if Misery ventured onto a more ~poppier~ style, judging by this lineup and his compositions in LIN, which differ greatly from his past bands.

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