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Archive: 2017-03-08

David support members revealed

David support members revealed

David appeared as the opening act at a live today, and hence his support members (at least for now) have been revealed:

  • Support G. erina [ex-SALLY~Dio~etc.]
  • Support G. HI-NA [ex-SaTaN~etc.]
  • Support B. Jin (迅) [chariots]
  • Support D. Sho (匠) [ex-UnsraW~etc.]

Also, 美堂-BIDOH-, the vocalist of ELYSION, acted as roadie!

That “David pose”..... And didn't WING WORKS do the same finger symbol? 😅😅

Ashley first mini-album

Ashley first mini-album

Ashley (ex-Cu[be] vocalist's new band) has announced their first mini-album!

Tsugisetsu [TriCk] STAR (継接[TriCk]スター) will be released on 2017-04-03, though it's not yet clear whether the CD will be available in most stores. It seems to feature 4 songs plus an SE, and previews have already been released:

Notice the use of a vocaloid backing track--kind of unique!

By the way, Ashley has a few other songs that will still need to be released:

  • Haiki Shoujo R (廃棄少女R)
  • PARALLEL PALETTE (パラレルパレット)
  • Dai2shu HERO Shoukougun (第二種ヒーロー症候群)

Someone describe it as Cu[be] with more synth, and I basically agree... Unfortunately, the lead composer of Cu[be] isn't involved in this band, so I don't think the compositions sound as nice. But, I'll still buy it for sure!

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