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More Announces More Music

More Announces More Music

UCP veterans More have announced the release of several new CDs up until the summer of this year.

The first is a new mini-album entitled "Crew." This CD will contain 5 new songs and is set to come out this March.

Samples of the upcoming CD can be found here:

In addition to this mini-album, More will also be releasing two new live-sold singles. The first is called "in desert," and it will be sold for 1000 yen at three of their free one-man shows as part of their "SALVATION PARADIGMA" tour.

The second single, "Tameiki," will be released at their one-man show "THE SALVATION CREW." As this show is not free, it can be assumed that this single will be freely distributed.

Song names for both singles will be updated as they become available.

Thank you to Shaolan @ MH for organizing all of this information!

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