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Pinocchio new single on iTunes

Pinocchio's new single is now available on iTunes!

By the way, the freely distributed single at his 2016-09-22 oneman is REFRAIN。, which is a cover of one of his solo project's songs. Here's a preview of the song:

Lilith to revive

Lilith to revive

Lilith, who paused activities in January due to their drummer's illness, will revive in September!

On 2016-09-28, the band will hold their revival live and 17th(!) oneman, 魔都制圧-Rebirth-.

Their next oneman, 魔都制圧-Hidden Ability-, will follow on October 6th, and their Halloween sponsored event, LIN MING PRODUCTION 「ROCK AGE Case.004」 「MAD Halloween in 魔都」, on October 29th. Their Xmas special live, 魔都制圧-Holy Night-, will be held on December 25th, and guitarist Lin (凛) will celebrate his birthday at their 20th oneman, 魔都制圧-AS Night-, the following day.

The band has also announced an Asia tour for 2017, but other details are TBA.

Lilith will release their 6th EP, Rebirth-歸來-, on 2016-09-28, with sales limited to that day only. (I'm not sure if the EP will only be sold at the live event―or if online orders will be accepted, but for one day only.) By the way, this EP will include their first Japanese song!

Lilith's 3-track 7th EP, 盤龍舞鳳-Dragon Heir-, will be released on 2016-12-21 (through the normal venues this time). A 2-track digital version will be sold on the same day.

I'm looking forward to their new songs ☆ミ

In other news, Lilith guitarist 凛-Lin- and bassist 修羅-Shura- have signed endorsement deals with ESP Guitars! Congrats, guys.

Note: As usual, I'm unable to romanise the Chinese correctly. Feel free to suggest corrections~

New band: Lack-co.

New band: Lack-co.

ex-NEGA ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene guitarist SAN has announced his next band: Lack-co. (ラッコ)!

The is signed to GLK MUSIC, the record label of ex-VIDOLL ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene bassist RAME (ラメ). According to him, although the band's name gives a cute image (ラッコ means “sea otter”), they are quite opposite to that name. Hopefully that means we can expect something dark and NEGA-ish 🤘

Unfortunately, no other information about the band is available... But their OHP is counting down to midnight on September 15th, at which point more will be announced. You can also follow their Twitter account or blog in the mean time.

By the way, BLaive is also signed to GLK MUSIC. It's great to know that RAME is still producing other bands.

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