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Judith's image revealed

Judith's image revealed

Judith's, the new band of bassist Yuuki (有希) (ex-SUGAR FORKFUL), has finally―they formed in March 2015―revealed their lineup and artist photos!

The lineup is pretty simple: V. Mioto (渼凰) / B. Yuuki (有希). They don't have any lives or releases announced, but, if they get that far, I assume they'll use support members.

By the way, anyone know how to romanise 渼凰? Gengon is their Twitter handle, but I can't find anything to back up that reading. If it's Chinese, it might be Meihuang or something? Thanks Seraphim~

Edit: vocalist's name is romanised as Mioto, and he is also the vocalist of Villers la ville (under the name Mio). They previously played with SHERELLA, so I guess that's how Yuuki knew him.☆ミ

Ren project lives and sales

Ren project lives and sales

A few update on Ren's projects Sanada Ren , Tatoeba Konna Hanashi , and Mis†ake :

Sanada Ren has announced his solo project sponsored event, 2016_SUMMER_LOGOUT, at which several UCP-related bands will appear~

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi has put up some items for sale via their blog. Most of the items were already sold via mail-order once before, but they are selling a Tatoeba live DVD for the first time, as well as some new goods (cheki, badges, postcards, and nail seals).

Furthermore, those who spend 5,000 yen on goods will also receive Ren's new solo demo CD-R.

Mis†ake is also selling some items via mail-order through their Twitter for a limited time. Their last two collection mini-albums, a live-distributed song, and several goods (badges, stickers, and keychains) are available.

Each mini-album comes with a privilege photo of the band.

Finally, Mis†ake will hold their “miraculous one-day revival” on 2016-08-26 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm, during a Paranoid≠circuS sponsored event.

SHAPE SHIFTER's first Maxi-Single

SHAPE SHIFTER's first Maxi-Single

SHAPE SHIFTER are releasing their first multi-type single this October, entitled 枯れた瞳 (Kareta hitomi).

This single will come in two types: type-A will have a DVD containing live footage of two older songs, and type-B will have a bonus track, "渇きの扉." This was actually featured as the 3rd track on their 2nd single, but this is an unplugged version.

Retweet if you agree with Z's Party City Ursula wig.

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