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Archive: 2016-06-17

chariots new single, 「Kisai」 + Gu. KAZ will depart from GENGAH

chariots new single, 「Kisai」 + Gu. KAZ will depart from GENGAH

After releasing their latest single Senkou just two months ago, chariots isn't slowing down - they've announced a new single, and this time, it looks like it's a nationwide release! 👍🏻

The single, called Kisai (忌際) will be released on July 13 for 2,700 yen. The three-track CD will also come with a DVD, which will have the PV for the titular song. The band have also updated their live schedule and even have some instores planned to commemorate the single's release. All of this is displayed on their latest flyer which reveals their fierce new look!


In other news, guitarist KAZ, who also performed alongside ex-TRIGGAH vocalist 壱-hajime- on his solo project GENGAH, will depart from said project on July 15, in view of chariots' lengthy schedule. His departure also happens to take place two days after the release of Kisai, and also when GENGAH will depart from their record label, DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE. KAZ first joined the project last September, but the fact that he will later leave in favor of chariots is no surprise; bassist Jin did the same when he left his previous band SHAPE SHIFTER to pursue his activities in the band.

PENTAGON artist book announced + magazine appearances

PENTAGON artist book announced + magazine appearances

PENTAGON has announced the release of their first artist book, Zekkyou! (絶叫!)!

Zekkyou! is B5-sized and will feature 96 pages. It will contain a new photoshoot, personal interviews, and additional unannounced content. The book is being published via ONGAKUSENKASHA (音楽専科社)―makers of SHOXX magazine, etc.―and will be available for mail-order beginning June 21st, for 2,200 yen + shipping. Shipments will commence at the end of July.

Those who purchase the book before 2016-07-20 will receive a set of 5 photocards, which feature a virtual reality (AR動画) component―tho details are lacking about that aspect. Purchasers will also be allowed to participate in a special PENTAGON event:

PEN09 (ペン09)―pronounced “penmarukyuu”―is a three-part event which will be held on 2016-07-25 at TSUTAYA O-WEST.
  1. The band's fashion brand PENTAGON will debut its summer collection, and the members' produced items will be displayed. A sales booth will be erected, and a fashion show will be held at a certain time.
  2. Those who purchased Zekkyou! will be allowed to participate in a talk session and take photos with the band.
  3. A free oneman will be held―details are TBA.

The book can be purchased here (via mail-order), or via the next issue of SHOXX.


By the way, PENTAGON will appear in SHOXX Vol.282. Those who purchase the magazine online can choose a bonus photocard (of which PENTAGON has 5 to choose). There was a similar promotion for SHOXX Vol.281 as well.


Also, bassist minpha (眠花) will appear in the “MY DEAR BASS” section of the July edition of BASS・MAGAZINE (ベース・マガジン), to be released on 2016-06-18.

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