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Archive: 2016-04-22

MARCO - Amaji PV + more!

With only weeks to go before the release of their latest single, Amaji, Marco have released the song's full PV! (The PV will be included in the TYPE A edition)

Also, as mentioned here, the band will also hold a twoman live with Shinotsuke Ame, where their latest live-limited single, Sono yami ni ame ari will be sold. The band has since clarified that this single is not a song, but a narration of Rei's first short story of the same name. The single will be sold along with its own book to each person, as copies are limited. In addition to that, there will be collaboration cheki featuring both bands distributed at the live.

Also, Marco appeared on guitarist Akira's podcast, which can be viewed at the label's Youtube channel.

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