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Archive: 2016-04-21

Vasalla: two lives and distributed CD

Vasalla will hold two lives in June, and will release a CD to those who attend both!

They'll participate in the 25th band activity anniversary of Shun (舜) on 2016-04-25, and then hold a twoman versus THE DEAD P☆P STARS on 2016-04-26. Those who attend both dates will receive a new recording of the song Haretsu (破裂), which was performed in 1991 (and is re-recorded by the Vasalla lineup from that time!).

Btw, Shun mentioned that he will place an eternal curse on those who sell the CD at auction |д゚)

Minor news 4/21

So busy lately ( ;∀;) So, sorry for the lack of updates. Here are some minor ones from recent weeks:

king zeebra is supporting a new project: NEXT.R. NEXT.R is a time-limited project comprised of Riddle=Dect members fumi and Rem. Their first live is on 2016-05-27 at HOLIDAY OSAKA.

[Riddle=Dect paused activities on 2016-04-14 after guitarist MERO (メロ) seceded to pursue his education. Their CD keep one's word was distributed at the event.]

Since they're not UCP related, I won't really cover them, but I thought I'd mention it!


king zeebra will sponsor an event, NEO GENESIS VOL.2, on 2016-05-27 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. (VOL.1 was held on 2016-03-25, at the same place.)

They'll also hold Tougen no Sato -Ni- (桃源乃郷 -弐-), on 2016-06-24 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Tougen no Sato -Ichi- (桃源乃郷 -壱-) was previously held there, on 2016-04-14.


A birthday event for Mischievous vocalist Saki (砂希), murder in rabbitcage Vol.1, will be held on 2016-05-03 at LIVE HOUSE D'.


Dead Children bassist Ray released the second volume of his VISUNAVI column, Dechil FC (でっちるFC), on 2016-04-14. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to VISUNAVI's paid mobile service to access it ^^;


THE BLACK SWAN will be on FOOL'S MATE channel on 2016-04-26. ➡ check it


The cover of chariots' single Senkou is up. By the way, it was recorded at CPR INC., which is a studio owned by COMPILE RECORD.

Lucifer's updates

Lucifer's updates

Lucifer's underground guitarist toki has mentioned that the secession drummer Atsuki (亜月) was amicable. In fact, Atsuki is participating in the recording of the band's upcoming singles!


The cover of the band's next live-limited single, Ms,Amnesia no Akumu, is up.

They've also revealed that a companion manga (image seen above) will be sold at their 2016-05-26 live. The manga is limited to 30 copies... (; ・`д・´)

Lilith guitarist's company: Lin Ming Production

On April 11th, Lilith guitarist Lin officially announced his company Lin Ming Production (麟鸣创音文化传播有限公司).

It seems that the company was actually founded in July 2015, as a parent to his record label Grows Independent Music―but Lin hadn't mentioned it until now.

Grows Independent Music will continue to manage its artists―Affective Synergy, Lilith, and Addiction―while Lin Ming Production will focus on exposing other acts to China. Up first: they're behind the first NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST live in China on 2016-05-01!

It's so great to see Lin become successful. I've followed him since brodiaea, and have always admired his spirit♪

➡ Lin Ming Production OHP


Meanwhile, Lilith has announced the second part of their collaboration with DEAL DESIGN. Please check here for images, and here for images from the first collaboration.

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