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AVANCHICK vocalist NOAH involved in overseas rock project

AVANCHICK vocalist NOAH involved in overseas rock project

AVANCHICK vocalist NOAH will participate in American rock project Lightning Strikes, which features musicians related to KISS, Yngwie Malmsteen, and more.

Lightning Strikes was a short-lived rock project formed in 1985 by drummer Karpis Maksudian, that reformed in 2011. They're currently recording their full length album, with the following lineup:
  • Vocals. Nando Fernandez [Hangar, etc.]
  • Guitar. Rob Math [Seal, Toni Braxton, Leatherwolf, etc.]
  • Bass. Cat Tate [Snew, Red Again, etc.]
  • Drums. Karpis Maksudian
  • Key. Derek Sherinian [Dream Theater, KISS, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.]
  • Guest vocals. Tony Martin [Black Sabbath, etc.]
  • Guest vocals. NOAH [AVANCHICK]
  • Guest koto. Masayo Ishigure

Tony Martin [Black Sabbath] will act as guest vocalist for two songs, and NOAH will act as guest vocalist on two additional songs. The remaining songs' vocals will be performed by Nando Fernandez [Hangar].

NOAH will sing on the track Kamikaze (which was written by the band's original lineup in 1986) and will provide Enka-style vocals for Doki no Sakura (which will further feature traditional koto artist Masayo Ishigure).

The Lightning Strikes album will be mixed by Roy Z [Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bruce Dickinson, Helloween, Sepultura], and is set for a May, 2016 release.

Official press release / AVANCHICK official / Lightning Strikes official Facebook

Se'ikspia's first replay live

Se'ikspia's first replay live

Se'ikspia completed their revival live (aka “replay live”) on 2016-01-24 at Namba (難波) ROCKETS.

You can see a pic of the band above (thanks to their official Twitter, @seikspia2016). They look surprisingly good, to be honest! And their setlist was as follows:

  1. Maiyuki-2016 ver. (舞雪-2016 ver.)
  2. farewell
  3. NOSTALGIA-2016 ver.
  4. ToBENAI Tori-2016 ver. (翔ベナイ鳥-2016 ver.)

Seems that they rearranged some of their old songs. I wish we could hear those new versions, or at least see the live performance ;0; Oh well~ I'm glad that their revival live went well.

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