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As implied, it's a censored version of the original PV. The band took down the original version (which is still available with the physical copies of THE HOPELESS) at the request of one of the models involved, and uploaded this censored version instead. To be honest, this version has a mysterious air about it that's almost as cool as the original! Check it:

Also, some lovely person called Maki Selene Niineko uploaded THE BLACK SWAN's television appearance on TBS, in which they talk about drummer LEN and his cat Kotetsu. It's pretty cute (though a little long and overly saccharine), and even features a few seconds of live and backstage footage!

SHOXX special lucky bags

For reasons unclear to me, SHOXX is participating with various artists to release special lucky bags in celebration of the magazine's 25 year anniversary and New Year 2016.

Black Gene For the Next Scene, D, GOTCHAROCKA, GIGAMOUS, and LIN (along with several non-UCP-related bands) are participating. Each bag costs 4,200 yen, and contains items “worth 2~3 time the cost of the bag.” Orders are accepted from 2015-12-21 through 2016-01-20, via SHOXX Vol.276 or online order.

ALVION will disband

ALVION will disband

And another band bites the dust...

After only 2 years of activity, ALVION will disband after their presents live at HOLIDAY OSAKA on February 25, 2016. The members had held a discussion that later concluded that they shall disband, and after all this doesn't come as a surprise as their discography is quite small for two years of activity. If you recall, their last release was a live-limited single, ARROWS / BECOME A FOOL, released back in October, which is the same month when they held their first anniversary oneman at the same venue.

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