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“the end of corruption world” details emerge

“the end of corruption world” details emerge

More details of LIN's memorial best box, the end of corruption world, have been revealed.

The set will cost 10,000 yen (before tax), and will include 2 CDs + 1 DVD (I think―one site mentions 2 CDs, but another only says “CD”...).

The CDs contain 26 tracks total, from first and second period LIN. The tracks will be “remastered,” except for the newly recorded World In Flames ~Eternal Sleep~. The DVD will contain 60 minutes of footage, each, from the last lives of first and second period LIN. That means no full, uncut DVD of LIN's last live :(

The release will also include a 24 page booklet. Previously, they announced it would include 1 random signed trading sticker, of 6 possible―this has changed to an unsigned trading postcard, of 12 possible.

By the way, the band did photography for their last look today (the costumes that you saw during the activity pause live). They should be up soon.

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