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RHEDORIC announces special privileges

RHEDORIC has announced some special privileges for those who purchase Jiggy 2nd Press through TOWER RECORDS:

  1. Anyone who brings the title strip to a November concert will receive 1,000 yen off the ticket price.
  2. Those who purchase from TOWER RECORDS will receive a bonus “cover single CD,” which contains 2 tracks (of 4 possible) of RHEDORIC covering a song from its members' previous bands. There's a TOTAL OBJECTION, Misery, Deshabillz, and carat track, although the band doesn't specify which songs were covered.
  3. Also limited to TOWER RECORDS: each customer will receive 1 random (of 5 possible) “Jiggy another Jacket”. These are alternative jackets; one designed by each member, and a special secret fifth.

I'd really like to get the cover CDs, especially the Deshabillz one ;_; Unfortunately, these privileges are only available in store. For a list of participating stores, see this tweet.

LIN's surprise live DVD announcement

LIN's surprise live DVD announcement

LIN announced today that they will release a live DVD of their anniversary oneman, Memento-Mori ~Embrace of Utopia~, from 2015-05-31.

The DVD will be released on 2015-11-11. You can check the tracklist here and preorder from the official web shop. Those who purchase from the web shop (which seems to be the only place it's sold) will receive a bootleg live DVD with about 20 minutes of unspecified footage.

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