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Devil Kitty new mini-album

With the release of new costumes, generally, the news of a new release is often soon to follow. It has been announced that Devil Kitty are releasing their first mini-album in two types on October 28th. The CD will come in two types, one containing a PV and the other a 5th bonus track, and the mini is entitled "雌豚解体新書 (Mebuta Kaitai Shinsho)." No album art has been disclosed as of yet, but they have released a small PV preview. Type-A will cost 2,500 yen, and Type-B will cost 2,100.

In addition, the Rockstar Records also announced what was apparently an "emergency decision" to hold a free one-man live to commemorate their formation entitled 「全滅の天命」(Zenmetsu no Tenme). This live will be held on October 20th at Ikebukuro EDGE.

(Side note: the title of this mini fascinating to me. "Kaitai Shinsho" is the name of an anatomy book translated from the Dutch book "Tafel Anatomie," but being prefaced with "Mebuta" means it is specifically about a pig--a female one at that. I'm pretty sure there are to be several messages interpreted here.

Also--tracks 3 - 5 were all unreleased Gokiburi songs. I guess they're pulling an UnsraW here and making use of unreleased material from a past band).

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