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Archive: 2015-07-15

PENTAGON 「Hijiki to KARAAGE」 details + new look

PENTAGON 「Hijiki to KARAAGE」 details + new look

“We tricked everyone into thinking that PENTAGON had changed routes to a POP band, lol”

That was tweeted by GOEMON RECORDS as the label revealed PENTAGON's new look, and details of their upcoming single. When the CD was announced in June, the band was sporting a decidedly poppy look, so it's nice to see that they're not going down the no-visuals road. At least for now ;)

PENTAGON's new look

Anyway, the band's new release, Hijiki to KARAAGE, is a double A-side single. They explain that “Hijiki” = “beauty/aesthetic style” and applies to the song Jesus Phobia; and “KARAAGE” = “happy style” and applies to TETSUKIZU. Five types will be released (one for each member). All five contain the two main songs, plus an additional song (except for the A type, which contains a DVD with two PVs instead). Check the PENTAGON discography section for full information and high-res cover art!

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