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Archive: 2015-06-11

Paranoid≠circuS in threeman

Paranoid≠circuS will participate in a threeman in August:

PENTAGON and GIGAMOUS in threeman

PENTAGON and GIGAMOUS will participate in a threeman with BELLE (ベル) next month:

ARLEQUIN sells out―additional oneman lives announced

ARLEQUIN has sold out for the 6/20 and 6/21 stops on their upcoming oneman tour. In celebration, the band has announced two additional oneman performances, to be held in October and November. (The additional performances are listed as part of a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour, so I wouldn't be surprised if a third date is announced in the future.) It's great to see them so successful!

SUI and MIZALY sessions

LIN V. SUI and G. MIZALY will hold a session at Re;aL's sponsored event on 2015-09-25. The other members have not yet been announced. SUI will also participate in a session event on 2015-07-23 (which includes some ex-chariots and SHAPE SHIFTER members).

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