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Archive: 2015-04-02

[rumor] GIGAMOUS left BadeggBox?

[rumor] GIGAMOUS left BadeggBox?

This is my conjecture, so take it as rumor, but it seems that GIGAMOUS might have left their label, BadeggBox. Today the band renewed their OHP, and also changed their fanmail address―which is no longer in the BadeggBox office. Furthermore, their image at the BadeggBox OHP is in the section with disbanded groups.

So, again, I can't confirm this, but it seems as GIGAMOUS has become independent. That would also make sense in regards to them releasing a best album without disbanding (yet, lol). Please let me know if I've just failed to notice some official announcement!

GIGAMOUS has also announced two more limited-capacity oneman lives, plus a fan meeting:

Paranoid≠circuS announced sponsored events

Paranoid≠circuS has announced their three-month sponsored event series, KEEP COUNT OF BUFF:

Sherella bassist secedes

Sherella bassist secedes

Sherella bassist Yuki (ゆき) [aka Yu/ゆ] has seceded from the band as of 2015-04-01. There appears to be no particular reason, besides difference in direction, and the band members are even hanging out with him still! I was hoping this was an April Fool's joke, but no dice... He was the reason I was most excited for this band―his writing was excellent in SUGAR FORKFUL. Oh well!

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