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News roundup 8/2

News roundup 8/2

Minor news from ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), Lilith, and LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-):

REALies double-A-side single

REALies double-A-side single

REALies has announced their new “2 lead” (double-A-side) single, HEARTS/CINEMA SYNDROME (HEARTS/シネマシンドローム). They've also revealed their two(!) new looks.

The new single will be released in three types: all will feature the two title tracks, plus a different third bonus track. The first two types will further feature a PV for one of the title tracks.

As for their two looks: IMO it's their best AND worst look yet! The colorful look seems to be for the CINEMA SYNDROME side, and it's super cool. The HEARTS look is rather plain, and too “let's go major” -smelling to me, but at least they wear it well ;).

REALies artist page discography

FOODED SEAL new lineup

FOODED SEAL's new lineup has been preliminarily revealed:

V. Masami (雅美) [ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) ~ etc.] Ameblo
G. Keta (けーた) [ex-Die La'vice → ☆GLAD → KANABUN (カナブン) → BREMEN (ブレーメン)] Ameblo
G. maNa [ex-non-VK] Ameblo
B. MEL (メル) [ex-Dablis] Ameblo
D. Yuki (ゆうき) [ex-HEARTS → GUILTY (ギルティ) → Rosario → SwallowtaiL] Ameblo

ISORA guitarist fired

Seems that ISORA (イソラ) is a “bad luck band” too. Guitarist 空-ciel missed a live recently due to his acute sickness. After that, he had informed the members that he would need to be hospitalized longer. However, he stopped contact with the members days after that―and so they've fired him.

ISORA is now a 2-member band, by the way...! Good luck!

AVANCHICK full PV and new photos

AVANCHICK full PV and new photos

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) have released their new photos (although they feature the same costumes). They've also uploaded the full version of the PV for their song Maria, below:

By the way, during their Fuka (孵化) tour which begins on 2014-08-04, the band will hold a stamp rally. Those who attend any live during the tour will receive 1 stamp (some events will bring 2 stamps).

Each time 3 stamps is reached, the fan will receive a Maria PV SPOT DVD featuring their chosen band member. All 5 members' spots can be collected.

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