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Archive: 2014-07-31

LIN official web shop, blog, and Twitter open

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) have opened their official blog, official Twitter (@LIN_V_OFFICIAL), and official web shop. In true KISAKI fashion, the web shop already has a number of exclusives, including a bunch of 1-limited releases we'll never see 8|

As I've mentioned previously, those who purchase both types of Chaotic Resistance via the official web shop will receive a re-recording of Metamorphose. Those who spend 5,000 yen (buying both singles isn't enough) will further receive a DVD with the PV for Sacred Xanadu. Those who spend 8,000 yen will receive free shipping.

The 1-limited items I mentioned are all bootleg DVDs, mostly around 3,500 yen each. There have been about 10 so far, and all are sold out already. MIRAGE lives, Syndrome lives, Matina sessions, 1st period LIN lives... ;_; In addition to that, the shop is selling limited goods such as photosets, Slander Crime, etc.

THE BLACK SWAN first national release

THE BLACK SWAN first national release

THE BLACK SWAN will release their first widely-available CD, a maxi-single entitled THE HOPELESS, on 2014-10-15!!

The CD is available in two types: both share 2 songs, while one includes a PV DVD and the other a bonus track. Title track, THE HOPELESS, is described as a dark, melodious and dramatic number, while coupling HATE YOURSELF UNTIL YOU DIE is a live-staple hard song. CD-type-limited bonus track Kunou ni Hibiku Akai Koe to Sonzairiyuu is a ballad which utilizes acoustic guitar and RENA's wooden upright bass.

Please check THE BLACK SWAN's discography page for detailed information. (Thanks to Shaolan for adding them!)

Oneness guitarist DAI returns

Oneness guitarist DAI returns

You might remember, Oneness guitarist DAI disappeared from the other members last month. Oneness has announced that DAI will return to the band on 2014-08-03 at their instore event.

The band has also announced that they will embark on Double River Record × KING OF KINGDOM (キングオブキングダム) label-coupling tour, Shuryou Kaikin! (狩猟解禁!), on 2014-10-09.

BERLIN~GRIEVER and Synside new band, ALVION

BERLIN~GRIEVER and Synside new band, ALVION

Today, the new band of vocalist SIN (ex-BERLIN ~ etc.) and guitarist KKY (ex-Synside ~ etc.) has been announced! ALVION will hold its formation sponsored event, DAZZLING MARROW, on 2014-10-11 at Umeda (梅田) Zeela.

V. SIN [ex-BERLIN ~ GRIEVER ~ etc.] Ameba @alv_vo
G. KKY [ex-Synside ~ MonoLog ~ etc.] Ameba @alv_kky
G. Katsuki [ex-ASTRAY ~ etc.] Ameba @Gt_Katsuki
B. Jun (潤) [ex-MonoLog ~ etc.] Ameba @bass_bvl

ALVION artist page OHP

As much as I hate to say it, SIN and KKY can't keep a band together to save their lives, so don't expect much... haha. We'll wish them luck anyway, right ;)?

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