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GOEMON RECORDS events and Sui session final

GOEMON RECORDS has announced a few events in the New Year, including some REALies×ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) crossovers, and the final appearance of ex-Megaromania vocalist 翠-Sui-'s session band.

GOEMON RECORDS PRESENTS New Year dynamite projectt!2014☆Goemon Shinnenkai? Atsumare! Goemon GYAA!!? (2014☆ごえもん新年会?集まれ!ごえもんギャっ!!?) 2014-01-06 at Shibuya (渋谷) Rex
● ARLies (アルライズ) 【V. Rayka (REALies) / G. Ritsu (REALies) / G. Kuruto (ARLEQUIN) / B. Shohei (ex-CindyKate~ARLEQUIN) / D. Tamon】
● REALkan (REAL缶) 【V. Aki (ARLEQUIN) / G. N∀O (REALies) / G. Nao (ex-Cu[be]~ARLEQUIN) / B. Akino (REALies) / D. Kazna (REALies)】
● ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) / REALies / Goemon (ごえもん) (MC)
※ gachagacha will be held featuring exclusive badges

GOEMON RECORDS PresentsDear&Hate 2014-01-20 at Shibuya (渋谷) Rex
ARLEQUIN / REVOLVE (レボルブ) / LucaRia / DOLLARS / Stealth Mania / Ms.LIAR / EXEQUTE

GOEMON RECORDS presentsBAKA YAROO ☆ VALENTINE (バカヤロー☆バレンタイン) 2014-02-15 at Birth Shinjuku
● REALies / ARLEQUIN / NAINE / Airish / PLACEBO (プラセボ) / Ms.LIAR / 【Ecthelion】 / 0801弐209XX6 / inc.RIBON
● Sui SESSION -FINAL!?- (翠セッション-FINAL!?-) 【V. Sui (ex-Megaromania) / G. Misery (美沙麗) (ex-Megaromania) / G. kyohei (ex-zechs) / B. Jin (迅) (ex-chariots support~UnsraW) / D. Mikage (美景) (ex-chariots support~Ⅶ-Sense)】

Otake in A to Z session

ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) guitarist Otake (おたけ) will appear in a session band called Jin no Settai BAND (仁の接待バンド) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / D. Jin (A→Z.) / G.&B. TBA】 on 2014-02-19 at A→Z.'s sponsored event.

By the way, Otake, TAKASHI, and Jin will perform together two other times:
  • 2013-12-20 ● JACK・THE・RIPPER (ジャック・ザ・リッパー) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. YOSHITO (ヨシト) (ex-SAINTIA (セインティア)) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Masumi (真純) (ex-POPCORE) / D. Jin (A→Z.)】
  • 2013-12-09 ● Otake SAN BAND (おたけSANバンド) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Yuuki (RESULT) / D. Jin (A→Z.)】

SUZAKU members at countdown live

ex-SUZAKU (朱) members will perform at 2013-12-31 New Year countdown event, ALL NIGHT Jikkouiinkai Shusai ~2014 Nenhe no Kiseki to Kiseki~ (オールナイト実行委員会主催 ~2014年への軌跡と奇跡~) at Osaka BRAND NEW. They will perform with Buchiagezu (ぶちあげず) 【V. 樹-Itsuki- (ex-SUZAKU) / G. 琢弥 (Takuya) (HOLYCLOCK) / G. Kaoru (薫) (HOLYCLOCK) / B. 紅羽-kureha- (ex-Paranoid≠circuS) / D. 火憐-Karen- (ex-SUZAKU)】.

king zeebra announces 2nd event

king zeebra, the new label by ex-SUZAKU (朱) vocalist Itsuki (樹)―I think―has announced its second sponsored event. As before, the event will feature ex-SUZAKU, Vior gloire, and NEGA members, including the Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺) session; so check it out!

king zeebra 2nd sponsored eventking zeebra Shinshun【zome】 Matsuri 2014 (king zeebra新春【初】祭 2014) 2014-01-31 at Ash OSAKA
  • Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺) 【V. 樹-Itsuki- (ex-SUZAKU) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / D. 火憐-Karen- (ex-SUZAKU)
  • ABSOLUTE TERA.F (アブソリュートテラ.F) 【V. Syuuya (秋夜) (ex-scarlet) / G. Aki (ex-Metztli) / B. 絆-Kizuna- (ex-SUZAKU) / G.&D. undecided】
  • Carrot Vacation Club / AIM / HAYRAL / Daisuke SESSION (大介セッション) / others TBA

Ray makes mini important announcement

Ray makes mini important announcement

ex-NEGA bassist/leader Ray appeared on the NICONICO internet radio show DANGAN・THE・DAN (ダンガン・ザ・ダン) to make a [mini] important announcement: he is now acting as producer for visual band PLACEBO (プラセボ)! This marks Ray's 2nd producing gig―he has been producing the band DECIDE since earlier this year.

PLACEBO is a two-piece indie visual kei band featuring V. rima and G. hina that formed in July of this year. On December 18th, they'll release their first mini-album, JAPANESE GOTHIC MARCHEN (ジャパニーズゴシックメルヘン). Photos of the band and samples from the mini-album are below:

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PLACEBO's first mini-album is available on CDJapan! Be sure to support them, and Ray in his future producing efforts!

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