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FUTURISM・BOYZ post apology

As you may recall, FUTURISM・BOYZ' recent live event was cancelled due to vocalist/leader CO- being detained by police for questioning. It seems that he has finally been released, as he has posted an apology via the F・BOYZ official blog.

Although I can't properly translate the apology, it seems that he glosses over what he actually did, but does admit that he was definitely involved in a crime. He says it was very stupid of him, and apologizes with all of his strength to those who worried about him. He apologizes to all band members, fans, and family, and says that his future activity is to be determined.

On the positive side―if there is one―this apology leads me to believe that the crime is non-violent/not a high-level crime. If it were, I would assume he would be unable to release such a comment, and wouldn't mention even the possibility of future activities. But that's just speculation. The original Japanese comment is below, if you can gather something more out of it:

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Lilith announces new release

Lilith announces new release

Chinese visual band Lilith has announced a new EP! The CD+DVD set is titled Fenice and will be released on 2013-12-18 through Grows Independent Music. The EP features 4 new songs, 2 PVs, and a making of feature, and will be available through ZEALLINK, iTunes, and LISTEN FLAVOR.

2013-12-18 2,400 yen mini-album CD + DVD

  1. Fenice
  2. Rebellion=Ark
  3. Reminiscence
  4. Spring Snow

  1. Fenice (MV)
  2. Arousal (MV)
  3. Making of Fenice
  4. Making of Arousal

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