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Archive: 2013-07-16


The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP has announced the second (and last?) part of its last special fair. This 2nd part introduces a handful of new, rare items, but unfortunately does not include any new privileges (however, the 5000 yen bootleg live DVD privilege from the 1st part of the fair still applies―at least until the end of July). Check out the list below:

  • KISAKI new look cheki (4 set, w/ 1 signed) (2100 yen)
  • KISAKI giant panel (from UCP last live) (52500 yen ※limited 1)
  • UCP 2 year calendar (HSP 2003~2013 SHOXX privilege) (1575 yen ※limited 10)
  • LIN 2012-12-02 oneman Psalms and Lamentations bootleg (4200 yen)
  • LIN 2013-06-23 event Obscure Ideal~Judgment of Fortune~ bootleg (3150 yen)
  • Matina data CD DEMO TAPE COLLECTIONS (Matina MP3 disc) (5,250 yen)


Yesterday, FUTURISM・BOYZ announced that they will hold a oneman live in September! ...And today, that oneman has already sold out!! Nice job F・B~

F・B will hold their oneman Nara FES!!! on September 8th in their hometown of Nara. The band will play in a local studio, so attendance to the oneman will be limited. Furthermore, the band will appear without makeup/costumes (much like their recent threeman).

After the oneman, the band will hold a “night party” in the same building. There will be no alcohol, so underage fans are welcome. Furthermore, everyone is encouraged to bring a meal from home. Eat and chat with the members and make memories of summer together!

FUTURISM・BOYZ oneman 奈良フェス!!! (Nara FES!!!)
2013-09-08 at Nara Studio Sola 3F EVENT SPACE

limited attendance allowed

ナイトパーティー (NIGHT PARTY)
2013-09-08 at Nara Studio Sola 3F EVENT SPACE

bring your own meal; underage attendees welcome

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