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Archive: 2013-07-03

LIN last live DVD

LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) will release a live DVD of their June 30th indefinite activity pause oneman live, Obscure Ideal ~Judgement of fortune~.

The DVD will be released on 2013-08-28 at a cost of 6,300 yen, and will include the entire live (about 150 minutes of footage in total). Furthermore, all copies will include a ticket to a 2013-09-15 special event at which the ex-LIN members will appear (further details TBA). Those who purchase the DVD from the UCP official web shop will further receive a postcard signed bye, and with a handwritten message by, their favorite member, as well as a bonus DVD containing about 30 minutes of footage from the band's live in Taiwan.

By the way, the product number of the release is “LDV-001”, as in “LIN DVD 1”. Translation: the DVD is being released independently by the band itself―UNDER CODE is really over ;(

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