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[Archived] Small UNDER CODE sale.

So, in my UNDER CODE Luckybag there were a few items that I already had.

These were:

凛 -the end of corruption world- An epidemic of "OVERTURE" DVD. €23.00
凛 -the end of corruption world-Silent to my Pain type B. €15.00
Phantasmagoria - Vanish... €15.00
Kisaki + Satsuki coupling photo. €3.00

What I prefer, though, is perhaps trading these items
for a various amount of cheki, since I'm a huge collector.

As you can see from the picture everything is still sealed and in perfect condition. Never opened, never played.

Shipping comes from the Netherlands. I'll ship to everywhere across the world but preferably Europe.
Shipping + paypal costs are for the bidder.
Prices are negotiable.

SUZAKU emergency important announcement

SUZAKU has decided to make an important announcement. The announcement will be revealed at their urgently-planned sponsored event on April 23rd at Ash OSAKA.

Furthermore, the band has decided to appear at the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION last tour Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- special night on March 15th at Shinsaibashi LIVE HOUSE Pangea. SUZAKU will appear at the opening act on that night.

SUZAKU urgently-planned important announcement sponsored event Daisuzaku Utage ~Manjushage~ (大朱宴~曼珠沙華~)
2013-04-23 at Ash OSAKA
SUZAKU (important announcement), (others TBA)

REALies graduation determined

REALies has announced their graduation from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION!!

The band will hold their graduation oneman live, Reimei (黎明), on May 1st at Ash OSAKA, after which they will be formally independent. This makes them one of the few bands to survive UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's closure. Good luck REALies!

2013-05-01 at Ash OSAKA
REALies (oneman, graduation)

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