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NEGA announces announcement

NEGA has announced that it will make an important announcement at its 2012 culmination oneman, BRAND NEW WORLD=THE END OF WORLD, which is being held December 9th at 心斋桥 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice. This isn't surprising to those of us who expected something bad from the ominously-titled live... but hopefully the announcement will be a good one!


FUTURISM・BOYZ have debuted a new look! Check it out above and share your thoughts in the comments.

The band has also announced that they'll be producing new F・B towels and F・B pillcases. The band is currently looking for drawn representations of the members to appear on those new goods. If you have artistic talent, give it a shot by messaging FUTURISM・BOYZ at their Ameblo with a link to your drawings of the members. Submissions will be accepted until December 15th.

Secret Santa: recipients announced!

Secret Santa recipients have been announced! If you signed up for the event, an email with your recipient's information has just been sent to the address you provided. You can also find your recipient's information on the Secret Santa 2012 page.

Please send your gifts by December 20th, and notify me by clicking the confirmation button on the Secret Santa 2012 page, or by replying to the email that you just received. Those of you who report that you've shipped your gift by December 20th will receive a special bonus gift from me.

As a special thanks, all participants will receive a custom UNDER CODE Christmas post card!

If you didn't receive an email (check your spam folder!), or have any other problems, questions, or general comments, please feel free to contact me via email (weloveucp @ gmail . com), at Twitter (@we_love_ucp), or by commenting on this entry.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Merry Christmas from WE LOVE UNDER CODE!

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