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WE LOVE UNDER CODE privilege sharing program

Although it's ahead of schedule, I'm happy to announce the WE LOVE UNDER CODE privilege sharing program!

Starting today, those of you who purchase qualifying releases through CDJapan and provide proof to WE LOVE UNDER CODE will receive copies of Japan-only store privileges! The catch is that this only applies to certain releases (those which will be purchased by WE LOVE UNDER CODE staff participating in this program), and they must be purchased via the affiliate links below (this allows me to confirm the purchase, and any funds will go to special WE LOVE UNDER CODE programs planned for the rest of the year).

Participating in the program is simple: purchase one of the following qualifying CDs using the affiliate links below. Once you have completed your purchase, forward the CDJapan confirmation email to, and the privilege will be mailed to you upon its release.

Further clarifying information will be forthcoming in the next week, but these are the basics. I will continue to post updates any time that releases are added to or removed from this program, or if any there are any changes in privileges.

Although CDJapan is the best store for international visual kei purchases (because of its point rewards and multitude of payment options), it's sometimes sorely lacking in privileges when compared to Japanese stores. Hopefully this program can change that, even if only for a few people. I hope that this is a welcomed program for those of you who can only purchase from CDJapan!

Vior gloire, SUZAKU, and REALies album updates

SUZAKU (朱) has revealed the cover art and tracklisting of their upcoming (one week!) first full album. The cover art is pretty cool, but the tracklisting includes a SUPER disappointing only 4 new songs. Let's hope that some of the old ones are rerecorded, shall we?

2012-09-26 3,990 yen album CD + DVD

  1. 人間失格 -SE- Ningenshikkaku -SE-
  2. 曲ガル睡蓮`駆ケル[11ul] Magaru Suiren ` Kakeru [11ul]
  3. テオナナカトル TEONANACATL
  4. 腐れ恋 Kusarekoi
  5. 桜歌乱舞 Oukaranbu
  6. 大義乃桜 Taigi no Sakura
  7. Go
  8. 妙楽ノイド -class C- Taeranoid -class C-
  9. 舌禍粧 Zekkashou
  10. 『 』曰わく、 『』 Iwaku、

  1. 腐れ恋 (PV) Kusarekoi (PV)

Vior gloire has revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming first full album, but no cover art yet! Contrast to SUZAKU, Vior gloire's album features 14 tracks (originally announced as only having 10!). Four of them are story SE tracks, but the album still features a hefty 8 new songs, and only 2 previously released ones. Go Vior gloire!

Vior gloire
Gloomy and wakeful night
2012-10-24 3,150 yen album CD

  1. prologue1
  2. 悲しみの地に咲く花 Kanashimi no Chi ni Saku Hana
  4. インスパイア INSPIRE
  5. prologue2
  6. 狂い果てた現実に見た世界 Kurui Hate Genjitsu ni Mita Sekai
  7. リリアス・ソフィーと憂鬱 LILIAS ・ SOPHIE to Yuuutsu
  8. prologue3
  10. despair
  11. prologue4
  12. イロノナイセカイ IRONONAI SEKAI
  13. 君が居ない部屋 Kimi ga Inai Heya
  14. Locus

Finally, REALies has uploaded samples from their upcoming first full album. Listen below at YouTube and share your thoughts in the comments!

Buy at CDJapan

2012-10-03 5,250 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

  1. Lv.
  2. 衝動 Shoudou
  3. NEXT⇒
  4. As'ever
  5. CHANGE!
  6. Plug[I]n
  7. ability Aggregate
  8. 180
  9. 星の降る街 Hoshi no Furu Machi
  10. NuAGE

  1. NuAGE
  2. D.O.P.E
  3. 曖昧カテゴライズ Aimai CATEGORIZE
  4. 色彩Polaroid. Shikisai Polaroid.
  5. Plug[I]n
  7. 浮遊グラフィック Fuyuu GRAPHIC
  8. CHANGE!
  9. LaST A GaINST
  10. NEXT⇒

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2012-10-03 3,150 yen maxi-single CD

  1. Lv.
  2. 衝動 Shoudou
  3. NEXT⇒
  4. As'ever
  5. CHANGE!
  6. Plug[I]n
  7. ability Aggregate
  8. sweet/rouge (BONUS TRACK)
  9. 180
  10. 星の降る街 Hoshi no Furu Machi
  11. NuAGE

Updates on Dali and their album

I have a ton of little bits of Dali information for you guys, so I figured I'd just round them up into one post. First up, a few things about their upcoming best album!
( View the rest of this entry )

Now some random bits about the band and their activities lately:
( View the rest of this entry )

One more little bit about their latest alter ego band...:
( View the rest of this entry )

ダリコレ ディスク
2012-10-10 4,200 yen collection album CD + DVD

  1. 25:54 (SE)
  2. 25:55
  3. [s]hit parade
  4. どピンクナンバー D PINK NUMBER
  5. 星屑 Hoshikuzu
  6. S.O.S
  7. 印象派ポルノ Inshouha PORNO
  8. H.N[迷子] H.N[maigo]
  9. イタミワケ ITAMI WAKE
  10. Heroine
  11. a habit
  12. -
  13. アンプレザント リハビリテーション UNPLEASANT REHABILITATION
  14. りゅうせいこうば Ryuusei Kouba
  15. スロウメロウ SLOW MELLOW

  1. Placebo
  2. ant gallery
  3. sunny
  4. [s]hit parade
  5. 星屑 Hoshikuzu
  6. イタミワケ ITAMI WAKE
  7. 印象派ポルノ Inshouha PORNO
  8. downer
  9. ヨルノハテ YORU NO HATE
  10. マイン MINE

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