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LIN - AWAKING from -Independent "MAZE"- preview

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OHP updated the 2 new song's preview of Lin new album 「AWAKING from -Independent "MAZE"-」.
The 2 new song's title are 「Insane flashback show」 and 「come out of your shell」. Both are half minute long.

Announcement from LIN

KISAKI said via twitter that the band will make an announcement in 8 days, the 29th.
He want us to check official site, blogs and twitter. Let's hope it's something good!
What do you think it will be?

Renewal release from KISAKI PROJECT

The KISAKI PROJECT feat.砂月 (SATSUKI) single Sou ~Twinkle Vitality~ has sold out! ...Accordingly, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has labeled the single a “limited first press” and announced a new second press, to be released this October.

The second press is called 壊詞~an ideal of beauty Desperate~ (Kowashi). It features the same contents of the original press (three songs plus a live DVD), with the addition of one new song and one re-recording. Furthermore, this second press includes an application paper which can be mailed in for the chance to receive an additional live DVD (specific contents unknown). That live DVD will be given to 100 random applicants, in a lottery style system.

壊 詞 ~an ideal of beauty Desperate~
Kowashi ~an ideal of beauty Desperate~
2012-10-31 3,150 yen mini-album CD + DVD

  1. Sou
  2. 勿忘草 Wasurenagusa
  3. 消 影 Shouei
  4. 華 眩 Kagen
  5. 道 標 Michishirube
  6. 存在理由 Sonzai Riyuu
  7. 想 (Instrumental) Sou (Instrumental)
  8. 勿忘草 (Instrumental) Wasurenagusa (Instrumental)
  9. 消 影 (Instrumental) Shouei (Instrumental)
  10. 華 眩 (Instrumental) Kagen (Instrumental)
  11. 道 標 Michishirube (Instrumental)
  12. 存在理由 Sonzai Riyuu (Instrumental)

  1. Sou
  2. 勿忘草 Wasurenagusa
  3. 存在理由 Sonzai Riyuu
  4. 道標 Michishirube

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