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Archive: 2012-07-16

Update on KISAKI's hospitalization

KISAKI has been released from the hospital! After being taken in for emergency surgery on the 12th, KISAKI has finally been given doctor's permission to leave. Furthermore, KISAKI says that he is well enough to perform, so 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) will appear at today's 2012-07-17 event as scheduled.

SUZAKU announces first full album + tour

SUZAKU has announced their first full album! (Vior gloire did too!) The album will be released this September, in only one type(!). Interestingly, the album will include a DVD with a PV (interesting because this is usually reserved for albums with multiple types). This PV pushes the price of the album to an unusual 3,990 yen―SUZAKU always does things their own way!

2012-09-26 3,990 yen album CD + DVD

  1. 人間失格 -SE- Ningenshikkaku -SE-
  2. 曲ガル睡蓮`駆ケル[11ul] Magaru Suiren ` Kakeru [11ul]
  3. テオナナカトル TEONANACATL
  4. 腐れ恋 Kusarekoi
  5. 桜歌乱舞 Oukaranbu
  6. 大義乃桜 Taigi no Sakura
  7. Go
  8. 妙楽ノイド -class C- Taeranoid -class C-
  9. 舌禍粧 Zekkashou
  10. 『 』曰わく、 『』 Iwaku、

  1. 腐れ恋 (PV) Kusarekoi (PV)

SUZAKU will celebrate the release with three special lives. First, they'll hold another entry in their 朱宴 (Shuen) sponsored event series. Second, they'll embark on a four month tour. Finally, they'll hold a tour final oneman, at which they'll freely distribute an unspecified present.

SUZAKU sponsored event series朱宴-夏殺シ- (Shuen -NatsukoroSHI-) 2012-08-24 at 大阪 (Osaka) LIVE HOUSE D'
SUZAKU, (others TBA)

TOUR2012 外道撲滅巡業 -荒ラシ升- (Gedou Bokumetsu Jungyou -ARASHIshou-)
2012-08-04 at HOLIDAY OSAKA
2012-08-10 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT
2012-08-17 at SHIBUYA-REX
2012-08-22 at 大阪 (Osaka) LIVE HOUSE D'
2012-08-24 at 大阪 (Osaka) LIVE HOUSE D'
2012-08-28 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) DUO -Music Exchange-
2012-08-30 at HOLIDAY OSAKA
2012-08-31 at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA
2012-09-16 at 仙台 (Sendai) HooK
2012-09-17 at 新潟 (Niigata) GOLDEN PIGS -BLACK STAGE-
2012-09-29 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
2012-09-30 at ESAKA MUSE
2012-10-05 at SHIBUYA-REX
2012-10-06 at 高田馬場 (Takadanobaba) AREA
2012-10-28 at ESAKA MUSE
2012-10-30 at 川崎 (Kawasaki) CLUB CITTA'
2012-10-31 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) RUIDO-K4
2012-11-10 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) CLUB 3STAR IMAIKE

大朱宴 (Daishuen)
2012-11-18 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ
SUZAKU (oneman)
an unspecified present will be freely distributed

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