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Archive: 2012-07-02

[Archived] ☆ HUGE VK SALE ☆

Hi, I am having a major visual kei sale at my sale journal, and I have several UNDER CODE items that some of you might be interested in! ♥


12012 - OVER... 8£
12012 - Heart [TYPE B] 8£
Arc - Contrast (TYPE-B) 8£
Arc - 【F】face 20£
chariots - Juusei, Soko kara Hajimaru. DVD 45£
ClearVeil - RE:BORN (TYPE A) 26£
Heisei Ishin - Utsukushiki Kodo (TYPE-B) 16£
Megaromania - 2011.08.03 "Quintessence Voyage" sample CD 2£
Phantasmagoria - under the veil 8£
Phantasmagoria - Riku / ORIGINAL FRAGRANCE (Bonus DVD) 18£
Synside - TRUTH 8£
Vallquar - Destiny to Deside 10£

CindyKate, Dali, REALies

Phantasmagoria "Genei Grafitti" photobook 15£
Vidoll strap 3£
Phantasmagoria photoset A 12£
Phantasmagoria photoset B 10£
12012 photoset 10£
Vidoll photoset 10£

If buying few things, further bargaining is also an option, I'm more than glad to make a reasonable offer :)

As for the shipping cost, I will count it individually, since it will change according to the country and whether or not you'd like to have it sent by express or not. Once you let me know what you want to buy and which country to send it to, I will get back to you with an estimated total cost.

If you want to order, message me on LJ, comment here or send me an e-mail at [u][/u]. Payment is ONLY via PayPal.

Thank you in advance, I hope you will find some you really enjoy 

REALies announces first album!!

REALies' fan appreciation session live

REALies has announced their first full album, LEVEL.!!

The album will be released on October 3rd in two types. The album will contain 10 total tracks; four of the tracks are old (“from impossible-to-get singles”), but the other six are brand new. The A type will include a live DVD with 10 tracks from the band's 2012-06-30 first anniversary oneman. The cheaper B type, on the other hand, will include a bonus track. All copies of the album will also include a trading card (randomly selected, of 6 total).

※ I've included speculative and unofficial tracklists. For example, the album will included 4 songs from old singles, and the band has, conveniently, only released 4 singles—so, it's 90% likely, but unconfirmed, that those title tracks will appear. Furthermore, REALies played a new song, As'ever, at their oneman; again, unconfirmed, but likely to be included. Finally, the live DVD will only include 10 tracks; I've listed the full 14 track setlist from the live at which the DVD was recorded, so we at least know which tracks are possible.

Normally I don't like to post speculative tracklists. In this case, however, we had so many hints that I figured I might as well—besides, UNDER CODE is notorious for releasing tracklist information way too late, so who knows when we'll get it this time!

Buy at CDJapan

2012-10-03 5,250 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

  1. Lv.
  2. 衝動 Shoudou
  3. NEXT⇒
  4. As'ever
  5. CHANGE!
  6. Plug[I]n
  7. ability Aggregate
  8. 180
  9. 星の降る街 Hoshi no Furu Machi
  10. NuAGE

  1. NuAGE
  2. D.O.P.E
  3. 曖昧カテゴライズ Aimai CATEGORIZE
  4. 色彩Polaroid. Shikisai Polaroid.
  5. Plug[I]n
  7. 浮遊グラフィック Fuyuu GRAPHIC
  8. CHANGE!
  9. LaST A GaINST
  10. NEXT⇒

Buy at CDJapan

2012-10-03 3,150 yen maxi-single CD

  1. Lv.
  2. 衝動 Shoudou
  3. NEXT⇒
  4. As'ever
  5. CHANGE!
  6. Plug[I]n
  7. ability Aggregate
  8. sweet/rouge (BONUS TRACK)
  9. 180
  10. 星の降る街 Hoshi no Furu Machi
  11. NuAGE

Finally, the band has of course announced a tour to celebrate the release of their first full album. The LEVEL. commemoration tour will kick off in October and take the band through seven cities with seven sponsored events.
LEVEL. commemoration sponsored event tour in 7 citiesUp To LEVEL. 2012-10-16 at 新宿 (Shinjuku RUIDO K4)
2012-10-17 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) バードランド (BADLAND)
2012-10-18 at 新舄 (Niigata) GOLDEN PIGS-BLACK STAGE-
2012-10-19 at 金泽 (Kanazawa) VAN VAN V4
2012-10-21 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
2012-10-23 at 心斋桥 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ
2012-10-25 at 福冈 (Fukuoka) DRUM SON

So, are you excited? Are you planning to buy REALies' first full album?

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