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Archive: 2012-03-28

Cu[be] to release “complete album”

If you follow the WE LOVE UNDER twitter, you saw earlier this month that KISAKI mentioned Cu[be] releasing an album. The album has finally been announced, and as some of us suspected, it's a best album!

Cu[be]'s album is called [psycho/Ro]ckST★R and will be released in September. As expected, it contains all songs from both of the band's singles. However, it also contains all songs from the band's first mini-album, which was released before they joined UNDER CODE (and will no longer be sold after this month)! Furthermore, the album contains the band's rare distributed song LOGICAL SHOOTER, a new song called Split heroine days (probably their track on the NEXT INNOVATORS omnibus), and a second new song to be announced. All of this costs 3,150 yen.

2012-09-05 3,150 yen collection album CD

  1. タナトス THANATOS
  2. 償いは自決にて・・・ Tsugunai ha Jiketsu nite・・・
  3. 256錠と後悔 256 Jou to Koukai
  4. 閃光プロローグ Senkou PROLOGUE
  5. 鬱色サヴァンと機械人形 Utsuiro SAVANT to Kikai Ningyou
  6. 断罪の雪 Danzai no Yuki
  7. Twilight ST★R
  8. Colorless Device
  9. the last wedding.
  10. ロジカルシューター LOGICAL SHOOTER
  11. split heroine days
  12. 空の記憶 Sora no Kioku

What do you think about this? Are you planning to buy it?

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