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Archive: 2012-03-14

[Archived] 「FREEDOM 20120314」

KISAKI just posted the infos about their oneman live held yesterday (the numbers between parentheses are the results of the fan's poll for decide the setlist) :

1.Call Back(10位同率)
2.Royal Blood(10位同率)
3.Continuation of dream(9位)
5.As If Forever Exists.(7位)
6.Insane flashback show(新曲)
7.Replicant Blue(6位)

11.映像(FUTURISM・BOYZ~Dali~NEGA~Megaromania~ラメ) -what is this? •_•-
13.Flowers Bloom(3位)
14.World In Flames(2位)

I want a bootleg DVD of this SO bad!

DAS:VASSER's new release

DAS:VASSER has just announced details of their first release during their limited revival year! As I suspected, it contains some old tracks—but as I didn't suspect, it's all old tracks!

DAS:VASSER will release their compilation “worst album”, 真実ノ「影」 (Shinjitsu no 「Kage」), on April 4th through ELE-Music (HIDEAKI's record label). The worst album will contain six of the band's legendarily crazy songs for 2,625 yen.

Shinjitsu no 「Kage」
2012-04-04 2,625 yen maxi-single CD

  1. Attempt Suicide
  2. 羞恥奴隷 Shuuchi Dorei
  3. Death Mother Love
  4. 夢又夢... Yume mata Yume...
  5. 青イ...「MASK」 Aoi...「MASK」
  6. 狂気殺人 Kyouki Satsujin

Exciting, isn't it? I'm definitely going to buy it if I'm able!


Today I received the printed version of our UNDER CODE 9th anniversary memorial fan book, “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS”! Tomorrow I'll ship it to UNDER CODE's office, and from there we just have to hope that they get it and that someone recognizes it... But in the mean time, I thought I'd share some photos, so you can see how awesome it looks!

( View the rest of this entry )

Admittedly, the design was a rush-job on my end, but I think it turned out pretty nice! And so far I've only found one mistake, hahaha. But more importantly, what do you think?

Thanks to everyone who turned in entries and helped in other ways! I hope you all like it.


Do you know DAS:VASSER? They are a legendary visual kei band from the 90s and 2000s. Along with Madeth gray'll, they were the top band at Matina!!

2012 marks their 15th anniversary, and so core members KYOHEI (vocalist, who is also in visual punk band NUMBER MOUSE) and HIDEAKI (bassist, who now has his own record label, ELE-Music, which famously hosted Ru:natic and Vallquar) decided to revive the band for a limited period of 1 year. They've already done photography with new costumes, and they look amazing!

vocalist KYOHEI
bassist HIDEAKI

DAS:VASSER plans to release a new album this year, but in the mean time you can buy a digital copy of their last mini-album (released independently) through Amazon for $5 USD! (I also highly recommend their last Matina mini-album, シンクロ (SYNCHRO), although that has to be purchased elsewhere.)

And here are some links before I go:
KYOHEI at twitter
HIDEAKI at twitter

UNDER CODE 9th anniversary addition

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION recently announced an additional event to its “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS” live series, which celebrates its 9th anniversary.

The new event is called 江坂遊戯 (Esaka Yuugi; Esaka Games) and will be divided into two parts: the first part featuring most of UNDER CODE's bands, and the second part featuring session bands made up of those members.

Tickets are on sale now: a regular ticket (good for one part of the live only) can be purchased for 3,150 yen through the normal venues; but a special picture ticket, which is good for both parts of the live, can be purchased exclusively through the official web shop for 5,500 yen. Tickets #1 ~ #100 were initially sold at the web shop, but those immediately sold out, so tickets #101 ~ #200 have now been added.

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 9th anniversary addition 江坂遊戯 (Esaka Yuugi)

-First Part-
凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN), NEGA, Megaromania, FUTURISM・BOYZ, Dali, シンディケイト (CindyKate), REALies

-Second Part-
  • KISAKI SLAVES [V. 苓 (Ren, Dali) & RIKU (LIN) / G. 美沙麗-Misery- (Megaromania) / G. ユキヒロ (YUKIHIRO, FUTURISM・BOYZ) / B. KISAKI (LIN) / D. 俊 (Shun, FUTURISM・BOYZ)]]
  • 顔面偏差値TOP6 (Ganmen Hensachi TOP6) [儿 (JIN, NEGA) / SAN (NEGA) / B.B. (FUTURISM・BOYZ) / まぁや (Maaya, CindyKate) / REIYA (LIN) / 一砂 (Kazna, REALies)]
  • アイドル (IDOL) [ジョゼコージ (JOSE KOJI, FUTURISM・BOYZ) / MIZUKI (LIN) / 優 (Yu, NEGA)]
  • ダンディーズ (DANDIES) [V. Rayka (REALies) / G. ケエト (KEETO, Dali) / G. 律 (Ritsu, REALies) / B. ユウ (YUU, Dali) / D. 邑詩-Yushi- (Megaromania)]
  • 時代錯誤!?な人々 (Jidaisakugo!? na Hitobito) [V. 翠-Sui- (Megaromania) / G. おたけ (Otake, CindyKate) / G. 蜘影-Chikage- (Megaromania) / B. 明イ (Akino, REALies) / D. 沙美 (Sami, CindyKate)]
  • 全員長渕 (Zenin Nagafuchi) [V. ユーイ (YUUI, CindyKate) / G. KANATA (LIN) / G. N∀O (REALies) / B. 氷牙-Hyoga- (Megaromania) / D. 旬奈 (Shunna, Dali)]

Cu[be] session event + release?!

I'm ashamed to admit it, but Cu[be] have a session event planned for May which I had yet to post about. So I'll do that now!

Cu[be] will hold a special event this May at HOLIDAY NAGOYA, in which each member will form his own session band for the day! Of special note are Yuuri's session band which will feature HINA (ex-vocalist of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band hurts!), and Athuki's session which is actually a one day revival of his previous band, Minerva. (Also note that the full lineups of certain sessions have not been decided yet.)

Cu[be] session event俺が主役ですが問題ありますか? (Ore ga Shuyaku desuga Mondai arimasuka?) 2012-05-09 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
  • Cu[be]
  • 螺々 (Lara) session 初音ララのパーフェクト算数教室 (Hatsune LARA no PERFECT Sansuu Kyoushitsu)
    [V. 螺々 (Lara, Cu[be]) / G. ? / B. カイリ (Kairi, Avidit.) / D. 黛 (Mayuzumi, ex-℃)]
  • 尚 (Nao) session ?
    [V. Aki (Diverse glare in Riot) / G. 尚 (Nao, Cu[be]) / G. 迅-zin- (A'LETZA) / B. 美央 (Mahiro, ex-Lycaon) / D. ゆいぜ (Yuize, ex-ASS'n'ARRow)]
  • 十夜 (Toya) session TO-YA world
    [V. 十夜 (Toya, Cu[be]) / G. ? / B. ? / D. ?]
  • 憂里 (Yuuri) session 禁じられたお遊戯 (Kinjirareta Oyuugi)
    [V. ヒナ (HINA, ex-hurts) / G. ? / B. 憂里 (Yuuri, Cu[be]) / D. ?]
  • 亜月 (Athuki) session Minerva (one day revival)
    [V. yuya (cocklobin) / G. 雪-yuki- (Anride) / B. 緋遊 (Hiyuu, Lycaon) / D. 亜月 (Athuki, Cu[be])]

Also, KISAKI posted a preview image of Cu[be]'s new costumes today! Check them out below and let me know what you think (are you as unimpressed as I am?).

In the same post, KISAKI mentioned that Cu[be] will release an album(?!) this summer. They're a small band so a full album seems unlikely—mini-album or best album, perhaps? At any rate, KISAKI also said that 2012 will be a decisive year for the band, so if you want them to last... you had better buy that album, whatever it is!!

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