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NEGA second full album

VANITAS has a release date! NEGA's second full album, VANITAS, will be released in two types on May 30th. The A type will contain a PV and the B type will contain a bonus track.

NEGA 2nd full album VANITAS

VANITAS will contain album versions of FABLE IN THE COLD BED and DELUGE, as well as the song 躊躇うことなく(...) (Tamerau kotonaku (...)), which was originally to be released on the DELUGE single. Including those songs, the basic version of the album will include 13 tracks. The A type will contain a PV for a new song, 虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意 (Munashiki 「Sei」 no Guui ≒ 「Shi」 no Shini). The B type will include a bonus track, REASONANCE.

Inside the album will be a special “draft paper”. Anyone who presents the “draft paper” at NEGA's special 7th anniversary oneman will receive two privileges:
  1. MMFP, a new song which was deemed “too extreme” for inclusion on the album.
  2. OMNIA VANITAS, a booklet of poetry and photography which gives insight into the world of VANITAS.
Finally, those who purchase both types of the album from the UNDER CODE official web shop will receive a one-of-a-kind personalized comment DVD and a making of DVD of the PV from the A type.

NEGA official photos

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[Archived] Selling


I'm selling some Undercode items (CD's, comment DVD, Magazines).

If you are interested, please have a look in my Journal 音譜

La'Mule official website

La'Mule (ex-Soleil, ex-parent label of Matina, band) opened their official web site today. It features a really nice profile page with great photos and each member's comments about disbanding (maybe someone can translate?), so I recommend checking that out. (It also features a particularly bad discography page, which doesn't come close to listing all their releases, and for some reason features biography entries, which are also woefully incomplete.) It also has a link to their newly opened blog.

⇒ La'Mule official website
⇒ La'Mule official blog
⇒ La'Mule disbanding comments

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