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[Archived] Megaromania

Hey guys!

Does anyone of you know if there are news about the europe tour?
Someone said tickets are available from today on?

I don't use facebook so I can't see any news there and the Astan page is not updated D:

Please help me out >.<

REALies limited releases

1) REALies has just announced a new limited single. 2) I've discovered some distributed releases that REALies failed to mention online. 3) REALies has announced some new limited goods, which include more distributed releases. ~It's a limited/distributed release party!~

First, as I mentioned, REALies has just announced the release of a new limited single called Plug[I]n. The single features two tracks (the title track being one of their newest songs—funny how they keep releasing new songs so quickly after writing them, but still have several unreleased songs from the day they formed...), and it will be sold only through the official web shop and at live shows.

REALies -
2012-03-01; 1,260 yen; official web shop and live limited single CD
01. Plug[I]n
02. ハルジオン (HALJION)

Secondly, as I said, I just recently discovered that REALies distributed a comment CD called REALadio Vol.2 at their 2011-07-23 sponsored event. I assume this means a Vol.1 was sold at their 2011-07-03 event. I'm not sure if any more have been release since.

And finally, REALies has announced the sale of new goods during their upcoming 5 city tour—including three more volumes of REALadio and three volumes of an offshot DVD. Anyway, the new goods are original REALies pin badges (set of 3 for 500 yen), original muffler towels (2 colors, 1,300 yen each), original glow bracelets (2 colors, set of 6 for 500 yen), and a REALies SPECIAL BAG (3,000 yen each). Each special bag will cost 3,000 yen, and only 50 will be sold in total. Here are the contents of the bags:
  • REALadio Happy New Year Ver. – type A, B, or C (randomly selected)
  • REALies OFFSHOT Ura DVD – type A, B, or C (randomly selected)
  • Happy New Year cheki – set of 2 (randomly selected)
  • member purikura – set of 2 (randomly selected)
  • sticker
  • muffler towel – 1 color (randomly selected)
  • lighter – 1 color (randomly selected)
  • pin badge – set of 3
  • glow bracelet – set of 6
  • artist photo – 1 photo (randomly selected)
  • signed artist photo – 1 photo (randomly selected)
  • regular cheki – 1 cheki (randomly selected)

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