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[Archived] KISAKI PROJECT revival gig tickets

Hi people,

We were a bit too desperate buying presale tickets for the KISAKI PROJECT revival gig ( )
so we have 8 tickets left over - 2 tickets around number 50, and 6 tickets around number 200 (from first presale, not bad numbers considering the size of the venue).
So i anyone is interested, we're selling them for the original price of 6800yen+handling fee=7000yen (the handling fee is originally higher so we're making a little discount)

please comment or message if you're interested, thanks!


[Archived] Christmas single from Megaromania

Megaromania has debuted their new photoshoot (a re-styling of their most recent look), and they've announced a special X'mas single to go along with it! The single will be released in two types: the mail-order-limited A type, and the normal-sale common B type. Type A will include a live DVD, while type B will include a bonus track. Additionally, the first press (which I assume includes both types) will include alternate picture jackets (one for each member).

Megaromania -
BLESSING MYTH 通信販売限定盤 TYPE:A (Tsuushinhanbai Genteiban TYPE:A)
2011-12-21; 5,250 yen; maxi-single CD + live DVD; UCCD-308A
mail-order limited
includes alternate member jacket (of 5 total)
DVD 01. live footage from 2011-09-29 oneman tour final

BLESSING MYTH 一般流通通常盤 TYPE:B (Ippan Ryuutsuu Tsuujouban TYPE:B)
2011-12-21; 1,260 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-308B
includes alternate member jacket (of 5 total)
02. Black Temptation

The official web shop privilege, along with an early ship date of 2011-12-15, is a signed cheki from the member of your choice, plus a Christmas message DVD which features the member of your choice, in a Santa costume, giving a one-of-a-kind message just for you. (This offer only applies to preorders before November 30th—after that, the privilege is a random signed cheki only.)

And by the way, here's their new look: official profile.

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