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News from Livqueur Records: hannah

Livqueur Records is the record label of Takaya, bassist of the old UNDER CODE band カレン (KALEN). Although the label is not affiliated with UNDER CODE in an official capacity, I feel that it's worth posting about certain developments—like this one!


If you're not familiar with them, hannah is the project of vocalist 直 (Nao) and bassist Takaya, both formerly of the UNDER CODE band カレン (KALEN). The project produces music which is similar to KISAKI PROJECT in feeling, but with the distinct flair.

The project was active through 2007 and 2008, but then died down without officially disbanding. Takaya has continued to manage Livqueur Records, while 直 (Nao) effectively retired, and now works as a hairdresser through Livqueur parent company.

However, it seems Nao and Takaya have decided to collaborate once again:
hannah has announced the release of a full album!


The album is called Aquarium-切望涙色- (Aquarium-Setsubou Namidairo-) and will feature 8 new songs. Although the release date has not been announced, the recording members have been:
Vo. 直 (Nao) [ex-カレン (KALEN)]
Ba. Takaya [ex-カレン (KALEN)]
Gu. 雪希 (Setsuki) [ex-カレン (KALEN), ex-176BIZ, the Riotts.]
Gu. Toshihiro [ex-Tinker Bell, KISAKI PROJECT]
Dr. 纏 (Matoi) [ex-Phantasmagoria]

So as you can see, the album may be a Livqueur Records release, but it's definitely an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family affair! Such a great lineup!


Livqueur Records tends to make their releases available through Amazon MP3, so I hope that's the case this time as well. I'm super excited about this album, especially since hannah has such great support musicians this time. Exciting!

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