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[Archived] Sudden contest?!: Help KISAKI reach 5,000!

Hey guys! I've decided on a ~sudden contest~!

KISAKI currently has 4,795 followers on twitter, but he has a goal of reaching 5,000 by August 31st—a week from today! If he reaches his goal, he'll plan a special event; but if not, I'm sure it will shake his confidence. So, I've decided to help in the only way I know how—trying to bribe others to follow him |D!


I'm offering two types of prizes, both completely free and out of my pocket.

First, I'm offering free WE LOVE UNDER CODE stickers. I'll give these away to anyone who follows KISAKI on twitter and notifies me. Second, I'm offering a free WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster (the same one I posted about here) to anyone who gets five other people to follow KISAKI. In specific terms:

Sudden contest?!: Help KISAKI reach 5,000!
  1. Free WE LOVE UNDER CODE logo stickers
    • Follow @KISAKI_LIN (through the entire month) It doesn't matter whether you have an account already or create one for this purpose
    • Tweet me (@we_love_ucp) to let me know that you followed @KISAKI_LIN
    • You will be entered in the sticker pool—if few people join the contest, you'll definitely get a sticker, but if tons enter (unlikely), I'll draw names out of a hat
    • Shipping will be free to anywhere in the world, and I may be able to take requests for styling, depending on how many entrants there are

  2. Free WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster
    • Get five of your friends to follow @KISAKI_LIN (through the entire month) It doesn't matter if they already have accounts or create one just to help you
    • Have each friend tweet to my account (@we_love_ucp): “@we_love_ucp, I followed @KISAKI_LIN to help @your_account_here!”
    • Only one person will win a poster—the winner will be “drawn from a hat,” so to speak
    • If you get more than five friends to follow @KISAKI_LIN, I'll give you more chances to win the poster; ex., if you recruit ten friends, you'll have double the chance of winning
    • The poster looks like this:

    • If only one person manages to do this, that person will definitely get a poster—so you have nothing to lose by trying!
Winners will be announced at the end of the month, and prizes will be shipped out soon after.


Please help out with this, even if you're not interested in the prizes. His goal of 5,000 by August 31st is doable, but it's also possible that he could narrowly miss it. So let's help him out and show him WE LOVE UNDER CODE PRODUCTION!

[Archived] Cu[be] cover and samples

The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with a sample from Cu[be]'s upcoming maxi-single, Twilight ST★R. The medley can be heard below:

Additionally, Cu[be]'s personal OHP has been updated with the cover art for the single, and has confirmed the tracklisting that I tentatively posted earlier this month (Twilight ST★R / Colorless Device / the last wedding.). Here's the cover (click to enlarge):


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the single doesn't sound very pop-ish like I thought it would. And I absolutely love the cover! But what about you, what do you think? Has this convinced you to buy the single (or at least a digital version)?

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