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[Archived] Vior gloire 1st single cover art + tracklist revealed!

Vior gloire - Inspire (2011.08.17)

01. インスパイア (Inspire)
02. of the sorrow "C"
03. ナキハ (Nakiha)

Can't wait to listen to it! :D

[Archived] Lin oneman-limited goods

As you know, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) held their oneman, an epidemic of “OVERTURE”, two days ago. So I'm a bit late posting this, but who's surprised?! (In cases like these, I've had a tab open in my browser for two days with the information, but haven't posted it. Sad |D)

Anyway, in addition to the usual CDs and photosets and things of that nature, the band sold several goods at the oneman that were new or not available anywhere else. New items included an offshot photoshoot (2,000 yen), a band hand-fan (1,000 yen), and a KISAKI solo poster (1,000 yen).

A bubble-toy machine (500 yen for one turn) was set up and included two exclusive items (in addition to the normal ones). First, a live DVD limited to 5 copies(!) filmed at their 2011-07-20 session event. And second, an offshot photoset taken at the same live (also limited to 5 copies).

Finally, those who spent 3,000 yen on goods were given either a comment CD or a purikura of a band members (customer's choice). Those who spent 5,000 yen were allowed to take part in a photograph session with the band.

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
新宿RUIDO-K4 「凛夏祭 ~新宿編~」 (Shinjuku RUIDO-K4 「Lin Matsuri ~Shinjukuhen~」)
2011-08-07; 0 yen; live-limited gacha gacha prize live DVD; limited 5 pressings
potential prize in gacha gacha machine at oneman
01. (Unspecified live footage from 2011-07-20 event)

2011-08-07; 3,000 yen; live-limited present comment CD; limited pressings
given to those who spent 3,000 yen on goods at oneman
01. コメント (COMMENT)

I want that live DVD. >|.

[Archived] Vior gloire oneman comment CD

In my previous post about Vior gloire, I mentioned that they had sold special comment CD + polaroid sets at their first oneman live. Well, it seems that they had some left over, as limited quantities are now being sold through the official web shop!

The set costs 1,000 yen (as it did at the live), and, as I said, quantities are super limited, so hurry up and order if you want one! The item in question can be found here (as long as it's still in stock).

Vior gloire -
2011-07-30; 1,000 yen; live-limited message CD + polaroid set; limited pressing
includes group polaroid
01. メッセージ (MESSAGE)

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