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[Archived] Cu[be] tracklisting

KISAKI posted this shot from the designing of the cover for Cu[be]'s upcoming single.

Wellll~ Although the shot is too small to read directly, I can tell that it's the back cover and that those strings of text are probably song names. Comparing them to known unreleased Cu[be] songs, I'm fairly confident that I have the tracklisting! So here it is (but remember that I could be wrong):

Cu[be] -
Twilight ST★R
2011-09-07; 1,575 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-298
01. Twilight ST★R
02. Colorless Device
03. the last wedding.

As I mentioned in a previous post, they have another unreleased song, ロジカルシューター (LOGICAL SHOOTER), but that will be distributed to those who attend both days of the band's [box in the Schrödinger] oneman. However, they have another unreleased song called chain memory—I wonder if that will ever see the light of day...


So what do you think? Those titles seem to match up right? At any rate, I'm excited—as long as the light-sounding title doesn't indicate a sudden change of musical style. But what about you guys, are any of you planning to buy Cu[be]'s new single?

[Archived] Nega Lyrics

Hello dears---so the girlfriend is now obsessed with Nega (who isn't lol) and we were both wondering if someone could be so kind as to translate the song baku -kono akumu kurai tamae- it would be super special awesome of you...sadly I has no bribes but maybe I could come up with something XD

[Archived] Dali free oneman goods

Dali is holding a free oneman on the 8th called ダリコレ2011 pajamas (DALI COLLECTION 2011 pajamas) at HOLIDAY OSAKA. (And hopefully you knew that—the band has been holding up flyers for the oneman in every picture they've been featured in, including the Style Council I just posted about |D)

Anyway, the band has announced the goods that they'll be selling at the live. Of course, there are some ones that are live-limited.
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Cheki
  • Photosets
  • T-shirt
  • Limited DVD “いえないないようDVDつう (Ienainaiyou DVD Two)”
Those who spend at least 3,000 yen on CDs/DVDs plus at least 2,000 yen on the other goods (a total of 5,000 yen) will be allowed to partake in a photo session with the band. The photos will be a five-shot (all four members plus the customer), with the customer allowed to sit by their favorite member. Two-shots (customer + their favorite member) are also allowed instead. However, there are limited slots available, so if you're going, be sure to purchase stuff early!


Originally posted at Dali fan community


Ahh, I want that live-limited DVD, but I can never get Dali's distributed stuff ;( Ah well~

[Archived] REALies event + important announcement + new song

Back in July, REALies announced their tour final, REALive Vol.3 「Stund UP!! NuAGE ~FINAL~」 (and my bad for not posting about it back then); today, full details about the event have been revealed.

The event will be held on 2011-09-19 at ESAKA MUSE, and will feature several special acts. First, special band R'z (Ritsu's B'z cover band) will open the show. Second, each member of REALies will play with his own session band. And finally, REALies will play a longer-than-usual setlist of 60 minutes.

Additionally, a one-day-limited single with a new song, which will feature a special picture label, will be freely distributed to attendees. Unfortunately, the single, which is called CHANGE!, will be given away at that live only—so if you can't attend, there's no chance of getting the CD.

Lastly, REALies will also make an important announcement at the event.

REALies CD release celebration TOUR FINAL REALive Vol.3 「Stund UP!! NuAGE ~FINAL~」
2011-09-19 at ESAKA MUSE
  • R'z (opening act) [V. 稲葉律志 (Inaba Risshi); G. KEN MATSUMOTO]
  • REALies (60 minute set)
  • Rayka SESSION チャラリーズ (CHARARIIZU) [V. Rayka; G. 葉月 (Haduki, 朱 (SUZAKU)); B. まっふぃ (Mahi, ロマンシング性 (ROMANCING Saga)); D. 亜月 (Atsuki, Cu[be])]
  • 律 (Ritsu) SESSION スタジオジブリっちぇる (STUDIO GHIBLIccheru) [V. Aki (Diverse glare in Riot); G. 律 (Ritsu); G. 尚 (Nao, Cu[be]); B. AKI (ex-Ridiot); D. zodd (Diverse glare in Riot)]
  • N∀O SESSION なおビ~ノ!! (Naobi~no!!) [V. 槐-SAICA- (ex-Ridiot); G. N∀O; G. 十夜 (Toya, Cu[be]); B. りょーた (Ryoota, ex-Philter); D. Showta (バラッド (BALLAD))]
  • 明イ-akino- SESSION 黄色い閃光 (Kiiroi Senkou) [V. 歩 (Ayumu, 2nd Dyz); G. 拓 (Taku, ex-Ansinomy); G. 華雪 (Kayuki, 2nd Dyz); B. 明イ-akino-; D. 陽虎 (Kayuki, 2nd Dyz)]
  • 一砂 (Kazna) SESSION 天下一品 (Tenkaippon) [V. 樹 (Itsuki, 朱 (SUZAKU)); G. 柚-yu_u- (2nd Dyz); B. 憂里 (Yuuri, Cu[be]); D. 一砂 (Kazna)]

REALies -
2011-09-19; 0 yen; one-day live-limited picture label single CD; limited pressing
freely distributed to attendees of tour final

To be honest, I kind of hate bands for distributing stuff at lives. It's really nice for attendees of course, but I wish there was some way us overseas fans could hear such songs ;( Ah well!

Let's all hope that the important announcement is a good one!

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