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Affective Synergy new members and single

Affective Synergy (the solo project of ex-brodiaea and Lilith guitarist 凛-Lin-) has unveiled their new activity!

The project will officially restart activities with mysterious new vocalist 蒼-Ao-, ex-brodiaea bassist 真央-Mahiro-, and a unspecified fourth member.

The fourth member (Mr. Cloak) seems to be ex-FANG drummer Takumi (たくみ), who is currently in Visual Lab (ヴィジラボ), but I suppose he'll stay as an unnamed support member.

I'm not sure who vocalist Ao is tho... Actually, he looks like Yuu+ (悠+) (ex-ZODIA ~ Ultimate Sonic), who has been acting as support vocalist lately. Officially, he'll step down as support vocalist on 2016-09-16, but maybe that's just a cover? Please check out the photo of him (third from left) and give your opinion!

Affective Synergy will release their new single DAZE in October, and will hold two sponsored lives to celebrate.

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sheepprincessgara / August 08, 2016 Reply
Yeah, the Ultimate Sonic guy is the new vocalist~
Sickle / August 08, 2016 Reply
didn't know he was in Lilith, I thought all the band were chinese
inartistic / August 08, 2016
If I remember correctly, he is half Chinese / half Japanese?

Anyway, he seems to have a charmed life, to be able to live in both China and Japan~
Sickle / August 08, 2016
wow, that's cool
jankztalife / August 08, 2016
good look!