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A few details about Cu[be]'s collection album

Cu[be] drummer 亜月-ATSUKI- has shared a few bits of info about his band's upcoming collection album:
  • Cu[be]'s latest flyer mistakenly states that the release date of [psycho/Ro]ckST★R is September 7th. The correct date is September 5th.
  • The deadline for the official web shop purchase privilege (a message DVD just for you and a cheki of the member of your choice) is August 25th. So hurry up if you want the official web shop privilege!
  • Cu[be] has decided on a special purchase privilege for the album. Those who purchase the album at the band's merchandise table (at live shows) will receive a “KARAOKE BATTLE DVD” and a cheki of the member of their choice.
  • All old song have [supposedly] been remastered.
  • The full tracklist of [psycho/Ro]ckST★R has been revealed! Check it out below. (The album is up at CDJapan now, and the link to that is below as well.)


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