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凛 new mini album and 2 day one-man live

KISAKI announced today, that 凛 will release a new mini-album with 7 brand new songs. Title is 「The Psalms and Lamentations」 and it will release on 2012/11/21 in 2 TYPE. Every type is 2,625 yen.
[track list]
01.The Psalms and Lamentations
03.Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
04.Over the rainbow
05.Misery is nothing
06.Fell Asleep (TYPE A bonus track)
06.Lovers~ラヴァーズ~ (TYPE B bonus track)

Who buy both type get a LIVE DVD, from UCP WEB SHOP the 「OFF SHOT DVD VOL:6」 also.
LIVE DVD's title is 「the shadow of envy」
[set list]
01.Flowers Bloom
03.Ambient Cosmo
04.Deep Labyrinth
05. 凛
Moreover they will hold a 2 day one-man at Shinjuku ACB HALL at 2012/12/01-02, and embark for a release tour in october.

LIN release TOUR 「The Psalms and Lamentations」

2012-10-14 at HOLIDAY OSAKA (Free oneman)
2012-10-28 at ESAKA MUSE
2012-10-31 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO-K4
2012-11-20 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) AVALON (Twoman)
2012-11-23 at 札幌 (Sapporo) KRAPS HALL (Guest)

LIN release ONEMAN lives 「The Psalms and Lamentations」

2012-12-01 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) ACB HALL
2012-12-01 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) ACB HALL


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Takatori Reiji / August 08, 2012 Reply
I just saw this on Facebook actually

Absolutely brilliant news! Wow they kept this quiet didn't they? They've been busy this year! :D

So happy, instant pre order for me when it's available at CDJapan!
loup0 / August 08, 2012 Reply
lol ... only Kisaki can make such a big fuss over a release
Mr.0 / August 08, 2012
EVERY TIME, and every time, it works xD
inartistic / August 08, 2012
Hahaha, so true!
Mr.0 / August 08, 2012 Reply
I just add the release tour to the news ^^
inartistic / August 08, 2012 Reply
I'm so glad the announcement didn't turn out to be disbandment, hahaha! But anyway, I'm super excited, and I love the title :D
Takatori Reiji / August 08, 2012
My thoughts exactly buddy. I was very worried it was gonna be yet another disbandment, but thankfully not!

I also really like the title too, and pretty much every song title as well, although a little skeptical on the Lovers song, but so far I've not been disappointed with everything they've released (apart from the Perfect Love cover, but I don't count that :P). They are my favourite UCP band afterall :D
Amour_Fantastiq / August 08, 2012 Reply
Wow, so good news! :D