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V. Kyo / G. seine / B. Tooru(?) / D. Masa



  • 1995-00-00 Viṣṇu (Visnu) is formed by V. Taima(?) (殆磨) / G. seine / B. Tooru(?) (兌(?)) / D. Masa.
  • 1995-00-00 (I'm unsure how 殆磨's name is pronounced, and have no idea how the bassist's name is even written. From a very small, blurry photo, the guitarist's name looks something like 兌--which might be pronounced Tooru--but I'm 50% sure that it's actually something else. If anyone has the correct information, please let me know!)
  • 1995-00-00 Shinku released.
  • 1995-05-24 Threeman with El:cid and SENSUALE is held at Kyoto MUSE HALL. The band makes an important announcement.