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V. Amu / G. hidaka / B. Shio / D. PEPA

Originally formed as steampunk-themed band Sherella. After several secessions, musical activity was transferred to the new band Arte Macchina, and SHERELLA became a non-musical steampunk workshop group.

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Past members

  • Guitar Nayu (なゆ)
      • FIND
      • MaRiLL
      • Musette*Minette
      • Crucifixion as Ikoi (憩)
      • FerrisWheeL as Nayu (ナユ)
  • Bass Yu (ゆ)
  • Drums Sayo (小夜)
      • Philter as Sayo (小夜)
      • Bakuonsentai ANIRANGER (爆音戦隊アニレンジャー) as ANIRANGER MATTE CLEAR Sayo (アニレンジャーマットクリアー 小夜)
      • retired



  • 2014-09-29 Sherella forms.


  • 2015-01-31 Sherella “pre-live” (prototype live) is held at JOKER formation sponsored event, Le Cirque De Minuit, at Osaka (大阪) LIVE HOUSE D'.
  • 2015-02-14 Zaidan Houjin DOKUSASAKO (罪団法人ドクササコ)―Sherella members' version of ex-HISKAREA × SUGAR FORKFUL session band Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji―appears at king zeebra sponsored Mischievous tour final, Prélude du cauchemar, at Nishikujou (西九条) BRAND NEW.
  • 2015-03-02 It is announced that 1st Material Single, Banda della marcia, will be released for free, instead of sold as previously intended.
  • 2015-04-01 Ba. Yuki departs due to differences in musical direction.
  • 2015-04-17 Sherella holds first official live at their formation sponsored event, Fiction impossible Mad ingranaggi ~Mawaru Haguruma ha Maru de Utauka no you ni~ (Fiction impossible Mad ingranaggi ~廻る歯車はまるで唄うかのように~), at Abeno (阿倍野) RockTown.
  • 2015-04-17 Sherella officially begins activity.
  • 2015-04-17 Banda della marcia released.
  • 2015-07-05 Dr. Sayo departs and retires after their live at HOLIDAY OSAKA due to family reasons.
  • 2015-12-01 Kyoukai no Kireta Sekai/Tsuki ni Ikiau released.


  • 2016-01-26 Gt. Nayu departs due to differences in band style.