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G. Akino / G. Maki / B. HIROKI

Past members

  • Vocals SHIN
      • ONATICAL SUICIDE (オナティカルスーサイド)
      • Ryuujin (龍神) on bass
      • BLACK BOX
      • unknown
  • Drums SHINGO



  • 1998-00-00 méffist forms in Gunma (群馬) some time in 1998 (or possibly earlier). At the time, the band has three members--I'm not sure which ones, aside from vocalist SHIN.



  • 2000-05-07 300-person-limited sponsored event produced by vocalist SHIN, BIRTHDAY LEVEL.1, is held at Maeba (前橋) RATTAN. A sticker is freely distributed to all attendees. An omnibus video is distributed to those who fill out enquettes.
  • 2000-05-07 An important announcement is made. (Not sure what the announcement was; possibly the joining of two additional members, or that the band would join Matina.)
  • 2000-05-07 At some point, two members join méffist, leading to a 5-member lineup. I'm unsure which members joined, or when they joined--I've arbitrarily put this date, as they had an important announcement, and their DT (which was released 2 months later) featured 5 members.
  • 2000-07-22 ATTRACTIVE INFECTION released.
  • 2000-07-25 BIRTH of DEVIL released.
  • 2000-07-26 Live tour, BIRTH OF DEVIL Tour, begins at Neyagawa (寝屋川) VINTAGE BAR.
  • 2000-07-29 Sponsored event, BIRTHDAY LEVEL.2, is held at Maeba (前橋) RATTAN.
  • 2000-08-17 Tour final oneman is held at Maeba (前橋) RATTAN.
  • 2000-12-05 Twoman live with Rain (麗音), Kizuna~Kizuna~ (絆~きずな~), is held at Maeba (前橋) club FLEEZ. An important announcement is made by Rain (麗音): they will disband.


  • 2001-01-31 PRELUDE:2 ~en effort of resalt~ released.
  • 2001-02-00 Vocalist SHIN secedes. (Exact date unknown; seems to be somewhere between January and April 2001.)
  • 2001-04-00 méffist disbands. (Exact date unknown: probably somewhere between February and May 2001.)
  • 2001-04-00 méffist disbands
  • 2001-04-00 Drummer SHINGO secedes. (Exact date unknown; seems to be somewhere between April and August 2001.)
  • 2001-04-25 PRELUDE:3 ~en effort of resalt~ -FILM- released.


  • 2003-05-08 méffist holds one-day revival at an event in memorial of deceased Rain (麗音) vocalist Fumiyuki (文有希), ~「Fumiyuki」 Tsuitou~ LIVE “FROM SILENCE” Seijaku no Naka kara・・・ (~「文有希」 追悼LIVE~ “FROM SILENCE” 静寂の中から・・・), at Maeba (前橋) club FLEEZ.
  • 2003-08-22 to SILENCE released.


  • 2008-08-11 méffist holds one-day revival at HARUMI sponsored event, Gakuya LIVE!! (楽屋ライブ!!), at Maeba (前橋) club FLEEZ.


  • 2009-07-23 ex-méffist vocalist SHIN and guitarist Akino perform with a new band, BLACK BOX, at the HARUMI sponsored event, “Gakuya LIVE!!” ~Natsu nanoni, Oo! 3days (2hime)~ (“楽屋ライブ!!” ~夏なのに、おっ!はる祭り 3days (2日目)~), at Maeba (前橋) club FLEEZ.