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V. Aoi Kadzuki / B. DAIƵIRO / D. Masaru

Past members



  • 1990-00-00 KARAKURI forms in Yamagata (山形).
  • 1990-00-00 【lineup】 V. SHO / G. HIRO / B. DAI / D. JACK



  • 1996-04-00 Vocalist SHO secedes, and vocalist Aoi Kadzuki (蒼井華月) joins.
  • 1996-04-00 KARAKURI changes their name to KAR∀KURI and begins activities in earnest.
  • 1996-07-00 Da'vid ~DAVID~ released.
  • 1996-07-00 Bassist DAI changes his name to DAIƵIRO.
  • 1996-08-00 I LOVE YOU released.
  • 1996-09-00 Drummer JACK changes his name to Masaru (蒔些流).
  • 1996-10-00 I LOVE YOU 2nd PRESS released.
  • 1996-12-00 KAR∀KURI tours with Soleil and eventually joins (date unknown).


  • 1997-00-00 Aisuru Anatahe・・・ Eien no Ai wo released.
  • 1997-00-00 Supposedly, guitarist HIRO secedes around this time (unconfirmed). Perhaps as early as August 1996, or maybe March 1997, causing them to disband?)
  • 1997-03-00 KAR∀KURI disbands
  • 1997-04-00 (Side note: vocalist Aoi Kadzuki and guitarist DAIƵIRO were later recruited by ex-Prominense vocalist/guitarist Tazuya (達也) into his new band, LANSURAID, along with drummer SEREA. The roadies were that band were two guys named HIZUMI and TSUKASA... who later went on to form D'ESPAIRSRAY! Those two kept in touch with the ex-LANSURAID members, and even invited them to their last live.)